Have you just sat and thought that how our modern smartphones, iPads and MacBooks are impressive? Then Apple thinks IIGS and remember that the 1.125MB Ram and 256 KB Rome Ram seemed to be in mind and it was the line from above. Although many consumers still work on giggling scale, now most of us are now working on the trunk level and are worth mentioning in the Pitbite Zone (1024 terributes). As we continue to extend our digital media, the storage becomes more important. More specifically, applications like CloudMounter become ultimately required by Eltima Software. With a good Internet source and an easy app, Eltima made digital hard drive fusion that allows quickly access your local and mountain cloud storage in one place Cloud manager

CloudMounter for Windows and macOS

Many of us use cloud based systems such as Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive are able to mount with this Cloud manager. It's easy to access my data to incredibly office data and store it in the cloud. Each of the options provides free and premium levels of their services. For example, Google Drive will provide you 15 GB free, OneDrive 5GB, and drop-down 2GB. I like the dropbox you Encourages to complete tasks and invite friends. This mutually beneficial system allows you to get quicker to get more space with references.

Compare the services prices, you will find that they are very beautiful at the cost and benefits. You will run $ 1b of the dropbox every year for $ 99. You can upload Google Drive for $ 1 9.99 at 100GB per year or for 1 TB $ 99.99 per year. I like Google Drive to provide you with advanced free storage, but we have to share this space with GMAIL, Google Drive, and Google Photos. Unfortunately, I've used almost 15GB free 15GB on my GMAIL accounting. Microsoft OneDrive will allow you to upgrade $ 1.99 per month by Office of Office or Office 365 +1 TB $ 69.99 per year or Office 365 (5 computers) + 5 TB $ 99.99 per 5GB for 5GB to 50GB. The point of view is not to provide a pro / ear list for different cloud services, but I felt that it was very useful to add this information. The main advantage of CloudMounter is enhancing it by gaining more access to each and all service.

The app says that “this is for users with low capacity of SSD drives." This app means that it can mount your online cloud sources on your computer. You can mount folders cross platforms and access cloud storage accounts on both Windows and Mac devices. This system helps you use and navigate through your data in Google Drive, DropBox, OneDrive, Backblaze, Amazon S3, (S) FTP, WebDAV, and OpenStreet Swift. To download the CloundMounter app, you can either visit your website or navigate to your iOS app store. After downloading the app, you will be taken to the "Connection" panel. From there you can connect to Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive and other options. To get started, I added my dropbox account. Select the drop-down icon, and it will open the drop-down to the CloudMounter link panel. Log in to your Google Account or your Email / Password Collection. Complete the dual confirmation (if you use this feature), and then drive on the drive left panel. On the left, select "DROPBOX", and you will be taken to another app panel. To complete processing, select "mount" with the right. Select your cloud storage and also drive the drives. Setup was incredibly easy and fast, and I did not experience any hesitation or problem. I did not really need FBP with FTP, FTP, TLS / SSL or SFTP with FTP because I did not create or manage websites, nor did I have my MacBook Pro Take care of remote access. You can use these systems to mount FTP or more secure servers directly.

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