4 Reasons Why Online Dating is Better Than Searching For a Date in Social Networks

4 Reasons Why Online Dating is Better Than Searching For a Date in Social Networks

Using social media is one of the most widespread pastimes of our times. As a means of expanding your friendship circle and touching base with school or college buddies, sites like Facebook are hugely popular. Social networks can also be utilized as a method of connecting with individuals who might become more than just friends. But here are six reasons why online dating is by far the better method of pursuing a romance.


In the past, there have been Facebook stories of people reaching out to ‘old flames,' striking up conversations, the upshot of which has been the old flame replacing their current flame! 

But in terms of online dating, dedicated matchmaking sites provide an infinitely more secure and flexible environment for connecting with any flames. There is also far more flexibility in terms of who you wish to reach out to in the first place. There's something a bit sentimental about rekindling ancient love affairs or being smitten with a particular individual you've come across among you own or a friend's limited social circles. A dating site will offer you access to hundreds upon hundreds of profiles of attractive potential partners for you to browse through. 

Why people use sites 

Facebook is aimed at users who share musical tastes, favorite sports teams, or any number of common interests. A friendship circle can use this platform as a means of keeping in touch, commenting about posts, sharing items, joining groups, or whatever. If you have a love interest among this circle, you need to be very subtle about making a move. Individuals have different privacy settings, so you need to make sure your messages are going to remain one-on-one and not one-on-entire group. 

Twitter can certainly allow friends to interact, and it’s also a way for people to leave a digital footprint on the wider world, ‘tweeting' about everything from political issues to the latest episode of their favorite comedy show. But this instantaneous medium relies on very limited character counts which are scarcely ideal for pouring your heart out to someone. You can send direct messages, but only to followers. 

Dating sites do what they say on the tin. They match their members using algorithms that ensure site visitors are only offered compatible partners. They are also highly specialized, allowing users to sign up to specific sites depending on their ultimate aim, whether that's casual romance or a long-term relationship, lesbian dating chat or connecting with someone who shares your passions for a particular pastime. 


Facebook allows you to see what occupies people’s time. If you like someone, you can watch the videos they post or gain a sense of their personality by checking out their family and the people they connect with. But this can be a tad voyeuristic. Again, your options for letting them know how you feel are restricted to liking a post or adding a comment. If you don't know them and send a friend request, what if they don't acknowledge it? 

Dedicated users 

With dating sites you can get to know someone over a period of time, courting them with a series of messages. The discreet chat room environment is perfect for encouraging you to flirt and gradually build up a sense of chemistry. 

People use social media for all sorts of reasons, but they mainly join dating sites to get acquainted with other singles. Because you know this from the outset, your entire communication can be framed against this romantic backdrop. Your quest for a loving partner can be exclusive and private.

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