Has it happened with you that you search for something on Google, but almost nothing appears below the link?This is the Meta description that every website should have. The Meta descriptions must matter to you if you have a website. It is a final attempt of any website to get the attention of the people and seal the deal through a click. It is a text shown under each link in the results displayed on the search engine. It offers excessive information regarding a website to the searchers and the search engine. If you have a website and you want to write Meta description, the SEO Meta Description Writers can assist you significantly in this purpose.

There are certain steps to follow while writing a great Meta description. Following are the checklists or steps for the Meta descriptions:

Keywords: You need to ensure that the most significant keywords for the web page are displayed in the description. Most commonly, the search engine would highlight in bold as it finds the keywords that match the searcher’s query.

Write readable and legible copy: It is necessary to write readable as well as legible copy. It is quite bad to keyword stuff your Meta description. It would not assist your searcher as they may assume that your results have led to a very spam my website. You must ensure that your description is easy to read and understand.

Make the Meta description look like an advert for the website: You must make the Meta description relevant as well as compelling. In addition, the description should match the content displayed on your web page. However, it must be appealing as well.

Length: Length of the Meta description should be appropriate. It must be ensured that it does not exceed 160 characters. An ideal Meta description must be between 135-160 characters long. The keywords should be nearer the front. Longer Meta descriptions would be chopped off by the search engine.

Don’t duplicate the Meta descriptions: The Meta descriptions need to be written separately for all the pages. In case you duplicate the Meta descriptions, Google would certainly penalize you.

Use the rich snippets: With the use of schema markups, you can ensure the addition of elements to the snippets for enhancing their appeal. For example, product information, star rating, calorie counts, and customer rating etc.

If you are wondering where to add the Meta description, you can add it to the section of <head> of the HTML of your website. It must look like this:


<meta name=”description” content=”Add Meta description in this fields.”>


One must have full control of his Meta description specifically when using the WordPress. In case you are using an SEO plugin like Yoast, you have the opportunity to add the Meta description to the specified section of Meta description.In addition, you can preview an instance of how it may appear in the page results of the search engine which we know as SERPs.

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