When faced with the multitude of SIP products available, anybody, whether an expert investor or a novice, can end up in the bind – “Which SIP should I go for?” While SIPs offer awesome benefits, finding the one that will maximize the returns for you can be difficult. To aid you in your quest of the right SIP, in this article we have mentioned the best SIP mutual funds and you can opt for any one of these depending on which one is aligned with your goals the most:

1. Aditya Birla SL India GenNext Fund (G)

Currently ranked number 2 by CRISIL in the diversified equities category, this is one of the best largecap mutual fund sip investment schemes out there. Apart from boasting a great extended internal rate of return (XIRR) that varies between 20 – 22%, it provides great benefits like no lock-in period, long term growth, etc. This SIP invests in companies that are highly growth-oriented and pursue revenue by catering to the demand of the younger generation, FMCGS with distinct brand identity or companies that will benefit from the consumption pattern of current as well as the next generation in India.

2. L&T Emerging Businesses Fund - Direct Plan (G)

With a 1-year return rate of 24.9% and 3-year return rate of 28.08%, this mutual fund SIP investment scheme boasts the best performance in the small and midcap category. Currently ranked no. 1 by CRISIL in this segment, this scheme has a very diversified portfolio and aims to gain long term capital appreciation by investing in emerging MSMEs which have higher long-term growth rate of revenues and profits compared to the market and show these outstanding results in terms of return on capital as well as superb quality of management.

3. Franklin India High Growth Cos Fund (G)

With investments in mega companies like HDFC bank, IOCL, NTPC, Bharti Airtel, etc. this SIP scheme provides an outstanding 5- year return of 21.87% and a growth rate of 168%. Currently ranked no 3, it is one of the best SIP schemes available in the multi cap category. If you are planning for a retirement corpus or looking for long-term wealth sustenance, this is an ideal SIP for you.

While each of these mutual fund SIP investment have great features and offer great returns, you need to carefully consider which SIP mutual fund will be best for you based on your financial condition, your financial goal and the returns you expect.

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