If you are a self-employed professional who lives in Pune and wants to give your small business quick boost, you should try five quick business ideas that work here!

Pune is a sprawling city and second next only to the state and economic capital Mumbai has shown tremendous growth in the recent past. 

People keep coming here for job opportunities with major IT and smaller software and digital marketing companies. What’s more, the mushrooming of real estate coupled with pleasant weather all year round have put Pune on the list of fast-developing cities. 

Even you can give a good boost to your business by zeroing on some quick business ideas. Don’t worry about the funding part as you can always rely on a business loan in Pune to help you grab up to Rs.30 lakh from leading banks and other lenders. More on that later!

3 Quick Business Ideas for Your Small Business Growth in Pune

Crackling business ideas in Pune that will boom  

Here are leading business ideas that will help your small business gradually grow up in Pune!

Website and app creation business 

A business not yet online is destined to doom! Yes, every business needs to have a website to connect to the world and boost the visibility in the competitive market. Pune city has more owners, and there is a huge chance to get market share easily. Every business here is willing to sell products/services online, but don’t know how to create a website. Your business can reap the advantage by starting a business that helps businesses with the creation of business websites. 

Recruitment consultant business

Big companies are willing to pay higher salaries, but the problem is they don’t get skilled employees. Hence, you can start a recruitment consultant business and get skilled people and freshers from colleges attend interviews. You can also make them subscribe and help them with finding a suitable job. Many companies have a tie-up with recruitment firms, and even you can contact them for a partnership. 

Baby care business

With couples in Pune both working for a company, it’s becoming difficult to manage baby care. Thus, the number of baby care centers mushrooming in Pune is up. However, there is still a dearth of quality baby care in the city. You can start a business of baby care and reap the rewards as the demand is surely going to skyrocket recently. 

Now that you are exposed to some of the hottest business ideas in Pune let’s talk about the funding part in the form of a business loan in Pune. 

What is a business loan in Pune?

A business loan in Pune is a funding option available from banks and non-banking finance companies (NBFCs). They offer a higher loan amount for business owners willing to grow their businesses in Pune. As a result, you can avail quick business loans and easily give a boost to your business at lower business loan rates

Business loan in Pune – Features and benefits

Here are some features and benefits of a small business loan option that you can enjoy such as: 

Higher loan amount – You can get financing for your business as high as Rs.30 lakh to help you meet your numerous business needs. 

Collateral free – Borrowers need not submit any collateral to avail a loan for business in Pune or another city. 

Flexi loan facility – You can withdraw any amount anytime out of your total limit during the loan tenor as per your needs and pay only the interest as EMI. The remaining part of the loan money gets adjusted after the end of the loan duration. 

Wider tenors – Business owners can also spread the repayment of the business loan as wide as up to 8 years and pay smaller EMIs. 

Online loan account management – Lenders also let borrowers access the entire details of the business loan in Pune via their digital customer portal. As a result, you can easily track and streamline the loan account from anywhere and 24/7. 

The Bottom Line

You just figured out some of the best business opportunities that could help your business in Pune to reach newer heights and also the loan for business. Since you are now exposed to everything, why wait and let your business suffer? You can apply for a business loan in Pune online and let your business embark on a success trail! 

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