If you’re a new or small business with a limited marketing budget, it can sometimes be a struggle to get your message out there. Without this vital marketing effort, your company may struggle to reach the right people, and ultimately this can have a knock-on effect on sales and profits. Time is also another factor for smaller businesses, as with a small team you may find it challenging to invest skills and expertise in this area, as it does not see immediate results. Fortunately, the advancements and the changing face of marketing have seen the rise in digital software and solutions help with daily marketing requirements. With these resources, small businesses can start to build strategies more effectively to support all business functions.


If you’re looking for some handy tips to get your marketing efforts off the ground, check out some of the best ways to implement changes with spending a fortune.

Start with data

One of the most critical aspects for businesses especially those that trade online, is utilizing information and data to target new and existing customers. There are tons of free and cost-effective ways to gain this valuable information and resources such as Google Analytics offer everything from demographics information to more detailed insights such as search terms used by your visitors. Setting this platform up and understanding the data can be the tricky part but there are plenty of guides online on how to make the most of this vital business information.

Social media marketing

With the number of people using social media, it is a great idea to start looking at the ways you can utilize these platforms to your advantage. It’s not enough to just stick promotion after promotion on your page, as people will get bored with content that doesn’t interest them. By understanding what content works and how you can use advertising on these platforms will help you target the right people. By using free software such as MailChimp landing pages, you can also create a call-to-action message, which brings people to a simple and fuss-free page to promote products or announce brand updates.

Email marketing

As you grow your business, you will begin to build a data base of people that want to hear about your products and services on a regular basis. By using this information, you can produce messaging that induces a reaction from people based on their interests and buying habits. Email marketing is one of the best and most cost-effective ways to convert customers, but you only have split second to entice people to open up the email. By researching and testing different content strategies such as different subject lines, type of content inside the email and regularity of sends will help to build a stronger picture for targeted and successful marketing campaigns.

There are many elements of digital marketing that don’t cost the earth to implement. By taking advantage of these for your small business, you will begin to reap the rewards and grow your company effectively.

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