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The Popularity of Big Data Hadoop Certification in 2018

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We are living in the technical era where a number of technologies are evolving every day. This is necessary for IT professionals to keep them updated by joining training and certification programs to grab the best jobs of the decade.

The same is true for big data too where the amount of data is accelerating at a shocking pace and amount is expected to grow more in coming years. So, this is necessary that information should be stored on reliable platforms where it can be accessed quickly.

The responsibilities of handling voluminous data for industries is given to big data professionals where they generally work in different roles like big data architects, big data developers, big data analysts, and big data administrators.

According to Glassdoor survey, there are more than 50,000 big data jobs to be fulfilled in 2018. With the right skills and certifications, you will surely get large salary lumps as expected by you. Here is a snapshot of salary packages usually enjoyed by big data professionals.
Why should you bid for Hadoop big data certification?

Companies are struggling right now in finding the right talent for their data management work. In this scenario, the best answer is getting recognition in the technical marketplace through Hadoop certifications.

A certified professional usually takes an edge over other IT professionals and enjoys lucrative salary packages too. You can choose any of the popular vendors like IBM, Horton Works, Dell, Cloudera, MapR to complete your certification and start earning right away. The certification is a proof of your skills that you have required big data skills and knowledge experience too.

  •   A certification in Hadoop makes you more capable of handling various big data aspects when compared to non-certified IT professionals.
  •   You may enhance your knowledge of various Hadoop ecosystem components and passing Hadoop certification really demands a lot of dedication and efforts.
  •    A certified Hadoop professional may earn up to $ 170 K per year which is very high when compared to non-certified big data professionals.

What are the benefits of Hadoop big data certifications?

Presently, every IT professional want to switch to a profile with a bright future scope and attractive salary lumps. The big data domain is like a domain for quick learners where you can survive for many years to come and enjoy high salaries too. This is the reason people are always in search of big data certifications that can help them to grow with some exception data management skills. So, here is a quick list of benefits that are shared and experienced by almost all successful certified Hadoop professionals.

  • You can represent your big data skills to your peers, customers, and employees more confidently and able to resolve tough data management issues too.
  • Certified professional usually get the high recognition due to their practical skills and they are able to explore best jobs of the decade too.
  • When you will be getting certified from top vendors like IBM, Horton Works, Dell, Cloudera, MapR etc, then there are pretty many chances of getting hired by leading MNCs.
  •  A Hadoop certification makes you technically more sound and confident when compared to the people working in the same domain without any certification.

Top Vendors for Hadoop certifications leading the market in 2018
In this section, we will discuss top market leaders in Hadoop certification that offer certification program with a personalized set of features specific to your business. Here, you need to be extra careful and decide on the right vendor based on your needs, business requirements, and your budget.
✓    Dell EMC Proven Professional Certification program
Once you clear Dell EMC certification program, you are taken as the Certified professional in big data domain and Companies take you as the right resource for data management what they were trying to find out in their data researcher.
✓    Cloudera Certified Hadoop professionals
Cloudera is not a new name and it is playing a significant role in fulfilling the skills shortage of big data professionals through Cloudera Hadoop certification program. You have multiple choices to decide on, so be little mindful here when you decide on the final certification program.
✓    Hortonworks Certified Hadoop professionals
Hortonworks is another popular name in the list playing a significant role in giving certified data researchers to the industries. The certification program will prepare you for the relevant job and there are a plenty of chances getting hired by top MNCs worldwide.
✓    MapR Certified Hadoop professionals
MapR is a leader in Hadoop certification that focused on relevant big data skills and gives you a competitive advantage over others.
✓    IBM Certified Hadoop professionals
With IBM Hadoop certification, you will get the practical knowledge of different ecosystem components and get an opportunity to work on real-time projects too. The benefits of the program are just the endless but it could be little expensive when compared to other market leaders in Hadoop certifications.

To join IBM certification, you need to enroll in a high-level training program before you can appear for the certification. The best idea is to opt for JanBask Training for successful completion of any certification and gain practical knowledge of various Hadoop ecosystem components too.

What matters most either Certification or Training?
Obviously, certification is a proof of your skills but you can qualify for an exam if you are not skilled and trained well. So, the training institute you choose for Hadoop training matters the most. Make sure that it includes all the topics and tailored according to certification program. Also, the training institute should focus on delivering practical knowledge of concepts instead of teaching theoretical concepts only.

Once you sure on all the parameters, go ahead with training and increased your overall chances of getting selected by top MNCs in the global IT marketplace. We wish you luck for your certification exam and your next interview both. Don’t forget to share your experience with us.

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