WordPress Smart Crawl: A Better Way to Get Abstract Visuals

The Wordpress development company has provided a great start to many business ventures in setting up their business websites and also to the youth to start their own blog for free. Wordpress development is rapidly increasing day by day as many companies have started hosting their websites on this platform. Many free and excellent features have been provided by the Wordpress development company in building the websites and many additional features can be installed as per the requirement of the user.

Nowadays, the importance of SEO is constantly increasing in the online market due to the increase in the websites and blogs. It is very important for each and every website owner to keep their website on the top of the search engine in order to drive the most traffic to the website. Search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing look for qualitative content on the websites and also look for specific keywords in the articles of the websites to serve the people the best they are searching for. The Wordpress website owners must take care that they highly invest in search engine optimization in order to constantly keep the page rank of their website up.
The good part about the Wordpress development company is that they have provided its users the chance to enhance the quality of their WordPress site by providing many inbuilt plugins.  One such plugin developed by the Wordpress development team is Smart  Crawl which is specially built for performing all the SEO tasks of the website. Smart Crawl helps you in boosting the PageRank of your Wordpress site and drives more traffic to your site. Smart Crawl, the powerful SEO plugin has multiple advantages and features that help us get better rank in the searches.

Regular SEO checkup is a unique feature provided by Smart Crawl. It sends scanned, analyzed reports regularly to make the business owner aware of the progress of the site in the search engine results. So, that the ventures can take necessary steps to bring the ranking of the site up. Such kind of reports can help the site owner to analyze the market trend and hence decide what things are the site lagging behind and at what things is it currently good at. The kind of expectancy of the site users can be known from these reports and one is able to derive the taste of the visitors, helping us to serve similar kind of content in the future.

The importance of meta tags is very high in SEO. The search engines refer to the meta description done in the back-end code of the pages to know exactly what the page is all about. The meta tags in the code should contain the targeted keywords that users are going to search in the search engines in order to reach the targeted web page to get the information. The search engine must be able to understand properly what our webpage is all about in order to keep our page-ranking up and to drive more traffic to our page. The importance of proper formatting of titles and description is also very much in SEO. This plugin developed by the Wordpress development team help us to customize the title and description according to the requirements of the search engines.

Smart Crawl helps us connect to the social accounts so that we can easily share contents to our friends and families. The shared content can reach to as many people as possible and this will help us to make our posts reach farther and thus drive more and more traffic to our site. This social connection is very much crucial to get higher domain authority within a short span of time and the work is made easier by Smart Crawl. The search engines will give you the credit when the content is shared through social platforms online when you link your social accounts to your site.  Another nice feature of Smart Crawl is the page analyzer. As we set up a new page on our website, we can quickly analyze the page from the perspective of getting higher page rank through this feature. We just need to activate the feature for the new page and it will quickly analyze it and will give the results suggesting us the necessary changes that should be made in the page to get better page ranks.

There will be many posts on our blog that will be connected to each other through similar keywords. These posts are automatically linked by Smart Crawl so that the visitors interested in one post are given suggestion of the other similar post as well. This increases the active time spent by the visitors on the website and it eventually helps to raise the site rank in the searches. This feature of automatic linking also helps the site-users to get the posts of their taste more and more. The automatic linking can be done in both ways, internal linking as well as external linking. Internal SEO will get boosted through internal linking on the same site while external linking will link the related content across the web.

There is no doubt in saying that Smart Crawl is a wonderful SEO plugin developed by the Wordpress development team. The distinguished features provided by Smart Crawl really help the business ventures in keeping their site on the top of the searches. The redirect feature of Smart Crawl helps to redirect the web page from one URL to another URL when the content is being updated or the URL links are getting optimized. The facility of importing or exporting the SEO settings from one site to another is also available so that the site owners can avoid managing the same settings again and again for the different sites they develop in the future. Apart from the above-mentioned qualities, there are many more qualities served by Smart Crawl. It is now your turn to set-up this simple plugin to your Wordpress site and avails the features that it provides to get better page rank.

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