Nowadays, videos are taken with mobile phone, camcorder, tablet and other products. Most vloggers need a video editing software for doing editing work and things easier. It is done for arrangement of video shots and to present the video with correct shots. It should make the viewer understandable with the video and it can shared in video site and social sites. The video editing is done to trim the unnecessary section as well as to reduce the running time of the video. There are many types of editing like linear video editing, non linear video editing, offline editing, online editing and vision mixing. Burn movies to DVD and Blu ray or export your videos online and for your portable device. The video editing process is done to make the communication closer and there are many features to give a quality video.

5 Simple Facts About video editing software Explained

Video editing products comes with many new features and do editing on any type of video. You can do editing for all kinds of platform like Windows, Mac and Linux for best result. The edited video can be saved in PSP, iPod, iPhone or 3GP mobile phone and share the video in platform like iOS, Android and Windows. This tool is widely used in various field to get a high quality video. Customers can get paid and free video editing software, the paid software is more clean and has detailed documentation when compared to free tool. The another side of free tool is that it does not meet our system requirement and you can't get the video in desired format. System requirement for video editing program are core i5 or more, minimum 8 GB RAM, 10 GB available Hard disk space and GPU card for GPU accelerated performance for working efficiently. Grab discount coupon and offer on the product for MAGIX Movie Edit Pro for a limited period.

5 Simple Facts About video editing software Explained

Anyone can work on video editing 

The video editing can be done by anyone without being professional which allows you to create unique videos and also get best quality transition for your videos. Some people video editing through app where you don't get the exact quality and the requirement. It has features to optimize color, stabilize shaky video as well as background music and effects. You can do editing for recording from smartphone, digital cameras or even modern camcorders with 10-bit HEVC recording. With lens reflection, you can mark out the incidence angle, size, appearance and also the position of light reflection in the video recording as well as to create maximum atmosphere. Shot match, allows you to give a uniform look for the video if it is in a different light condition or the camera used for it. The video stamp lets you to create video stamp in any shape or color. Include audio effects like choral, echo, distortion and more. Smart scene selection technology offers you to trim the particular footage you want. User's can also take a picture from the footage so that you get a perfect pic. All theses feature are common from video editing software. After the editing work is done it maintains the stability of the work(video).

360° video editing

The user's can do comprehensive video editing with support of 3D video editing where you can add filters, titles, transition and sound track with MAGIX Movie Edit Pro. It is easy to do this video editing by uploading a video from 360° camera and do trimming and cut the footage on the timeline, take out unwanted segment for enhancing the image quickly. You can also add titles,special effects and sounds as well as export the video to your computer or smartphone. This editing allows to refine the footage to tell story and also add footage to the timeline you want. If you want to change the background, it is ideal to use chroma key and transport your subject anywhere you want. There is also option to control the speed of your video and in addition you can do 3D preview. After your video is exported to mobile device you can use your VR headset to view the video.

Create animation

By using this software, you can inanimate objects to life and moreover import image sequence from your camera to create a cartoon frame by frame. You can also create animation quickly and also create your own cast of character. After that export it as animated GIF or share on youtube.

5 Simple Facts About video editing software Explained

Supports many formats

It supports input video formats like avi, mpeg, wmv, divX, Xvid, mp4, mov, vob, ogm and more. The video editing software supports many image formats and audio formats. Video editing tool supports 4K and works on Mac as well as PCs.

New features for editing

Currently, there are many new features for editing with more than 1,500 intros/outros, transitions, movie templates and music. You can also save videos on the cloud and besides that access your footage from anywhere and directly from video editing software. Give unique color correction for your video with any color for the desired mood. Newblue elements allows you to split screen and picture in picture effects. There is also plugin option to add thousands of tool and effects.

5 Simple Facts About video editing software Explained

Audio Editing 

There is also option to edit the audio content from the video and also include audio effects like choral, echo, distortion and more. You can also make custom movie sound track with mix pad multi-track mixing software. The auto ducking feature allows you to reduce the background music during dialog delivery and in addition there is option to clean up background noise.


In the current era, there are many new products with different brand for video editing and avail products for a affordable price. Many of the software are designed for non-professional user and has descent features in it. It allows you to craft many aspects of your video with powerful filter. You can make the editing work simpler with lot of advanced tool in the product. There is many pros and cons in each software and you can select the product with meets your requirement.

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