With the increasing two-wheelers in the market and the way people can afford them, it is important to get bike insurance these days. After all, nobody knows when an insurance can save you from major expenses.
What Is Two-Wheeler Insurance?
An insurance policy or bike insurance provides protection to you, your bike and third party. As the name suggests, bike insurance covers the cost of your vehicle damage caused due to unforeseen incidents including natural calamities or disasters, man-made calamities, theft, accidents, etc.
Bike Insurance Calculator
Bike insurance calculator always helps to determine the price of your bike insurance. Any bike insurance calculator will require the following information:
•    Vehicle registration number
•    Type of policy
•    Make of the two-wheeler
•    A variant of two wheeler
•    Existing policy information (if already existing or insured)
Please note that there may be other details required for the bike insurance. Always consult the insurance policy provider or research online for two wheeler insurance rates and bike insurance calculators to know the current insurance price.
Who Can Buy Two Wheeler Insurance in India
Here are the criterions for a person to buy two wheeler insurance plans in India :
•    You should be above the age of 18 years.
•    You should have a vehicle or two-wheeler and be permitted to drive a two-wheeler.
•    To have a policy, you should either be employed, who could sign up for your insurance or you should be self-employed to sponsor your own insurance
Is Bike Insurance Worth It?
You never know when a mishap happens. When you meet an accident when somebody steals your bike when a natural calamity destroys your property? To avoid paying everything from your pocket then, you should have a bike insurance.
It is totally worth it since you get to share the cost of the mishap. You do not need to worry about paying off for the entire damage from your own pocket. This helps to provide a calm and composed mind too.
Is Two Wheeler Insurance Mandatory?
There are laws in India which have made the two-wheeler of bike insurance compulsory in India.
The Insurance Act, Transfer of Property Act, Motor Vehicles Act and the Indian Contract Act monitor the two-wheeler or bike insurance. With a two wheeler insurance, you can cover the cost of a lot of damage incurred during an accident. These include the cost of a road collision, theft, accident, natural calamities, riot, etc.
A two-wheeler also has a potential to hurt or hit somebody when on the road. The third party insurance for bike insurance helps in this scenario.
You should consult the insurance provider for all such scenarios and the benefits of having an insurance in such a case.
What is not covered In the Bike Insurance?
•    Depreciation value of the vehicle
•    Deductibles of the vehicle
•    Damage caused to a person who does not have a license
•    War, uprisings, or nuclear risks
•    Damage caused by the bike or two-wheeler, if you are riding it at restricted or non-covered geographical locations
•    Tyres or tube damage caused to the vehicle without an accident.
•    Cost covered in case the vehicle is used for an illegal purpose
Please note, this is not the complete list of what is not covered by the bike insurance. In case you have further questions or even very specific questions, you should ask your bike insurance policy provider for details and clarifications.
Documents Required For Bike Insurance
•    Driving License
•    Claim Forms
•    Police Reports
•    Repair Bills
•    Copy of Registration Certificate or RC of the Vehicle
Safety Tips for Bikers
It is fun and enjoyable to ride a two-wheeler. It also gives you a sense of freedom. However, here are a few precautions that one must take to avoid accidents:
•    Wear helmet
Make sure that you wear your helmet all times while riding a two-wheeler. After all, prevention is better than cure.
•    Follow traffic signs and signals
It is important to follow traffic signals and signs when you are riding a vehicle. This not just help you, but also other fellow riders and helps avoid major accidents.
•    Avoid rash driving
You should not do rash driving.
•    Stay away from distractions while riding
You should stay away from distractions such as checking your phone, talking on the phone, looking at people, looking around rather than focusing on the road, while you are riding.
•    Wear good footwear while riding
It is important to wear comfortable footwear while riding a two-wheeler.
•    Do not drink and drive
How much ever said, it is not enough to tell people- do not drink and drive. This is one of the major reasons why accidents happen. You can avoid one too, by following this simple rule.
Insurance is important. It helps you in various aspects. To get any answers questions about your bike insurance, you should get in touch with your bike insurance policy provider.

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