It is essential for every e-commerce site to offer exceptional design and winning user experience. If you want to take your website to the next level, so you can build confidence in your business and encourage users to fill up their shopping cart, here are six key elements of a high-quality e-commerce website.

1. A Visually Appealing Web Design

The web design encompasses all your website’s visual elements, such as the site theme, brand logo, white space, colors, and layout. You must ensure every element on your website is a reflection of your brand, professionalism, and industry. If it’s not, you will appear unprofessional and will offer inconsistent branding that will decrease trust in your business and potentially confuse consumers.

2. Smooth Navigation

Smooth navigation should guide your visitors from A to B, and B to C, etc. Users looking to gain information on your products or business will also often head to the site’s top bar, which should be simple to use. For instance, it might be wise to group pages together into umbrella categories to streamline the process.

3. A Mobile-Friendly Site

83% of consumers stated a seamless user experience across all devices is somewhat or very important. You must, therefore, build a website that can automatically adapt to a user’s device, such as a smartphone, tablet computer, or laptop. Also, with 2 out of 3 mobile consumers looking to make a purchase the same day, you may only have one chance and opportunity to make a good first impression and secure their business.

4. An SEO Optimized We

There is more to a good e-commerce website that a stunning design, easy navigation, and a mobile-friendly theme. If you want to organically attract visitors to your website in the search engines, you must focus on website optimization. It means that you need to find an experienced search marketing agency that can provide a comprehensive SEO audit, before making the necessary improvements and sending the highest domain authority signals back to your own website, and this increases your ranking in the search engine results pages.

5. High-Quality Content

82% of consumers reportedly feel more positive about a brand after consuming their content. That’s because high-quality, insightful articles can be a symbol of experience and trust. Well-written on-page copy and blogs can also reflect a company’s professionalism and attention-to-detailwhilehelping customers make an informed decision on your products. A regularly updated blog can also keep a site fresh and can increase your site’s occurrences in the search engines.

6. Strong Call to Actions

A strong call-to-action is a phrase or word that encourage your visitors to perform an action, such as purchasing now, clicking a button, filling in a form, or learning more about a product. There is no sure-fire word that will convince a customer to act now, which is why you must try to test what does or doesn’t work on your website. In addition to testing the word, you must also aim to test the placement, color,and size of the call to action button.

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