Reasons why Jim’s fire testing services are the best!

Installing a fire alarm system and keeping fire protection equipment in your house can spare the lives of your loved ones and can save your assets as well.

Reasons why Jim’s fire testing services are the best!

However, installing a fire alarm system and keeping fire protection equipment doesn’t guarantee safety. Regular testing of your fire protection equipment is imperative as it ensures that the equipment is working perfectly fine and won’t let you down when the time comes. Jim’s fire testing services have gained a lot of popularity amongst their clients and with good reason too. From their customer-friendly services to their professional work ethos, Jim’s fire testing services are totally reliable.

Let’s take a look at why they are the best for fire protection equipment testing!

FPA Member

Getting your fire protection equipment tested is your responsibility. It is also your responsibility to ensure that you hire an experienced, reliable and professional individual to do so. Jim’s fire testing services are bound by FPA, which is the fire protection association of Australia.

This ensures that not only the fire safety technicians are well-trained but they also have to follow the Code of practice set by FPA. Being bound to FPA means that all the technicians are well-versed and up-to-date regarding the latest Australian safety standards.

A Multitude of Services Are Provided

When it comes to testing fire protection equipment, it amasses a lot of things. From your smoke alarms to the safety blankets to the fire extinguishers, each and every one of them is important in preventing the spread of fire and preventing any fire-related injuries. Jim’s fire testing services provide regular testing of your smoke alarms, fire extinguishers, and fire safety blankets.

They are tested and once deemed in a good working condition, they are properly tagged with the due date for the next testing. If any equipment is deemed unfit for use, it is tagged accordingly.

Risk Assessment of Your Equipment

One of the most important features of the services provided by Jim’s fire testing services is the risk assessment. If you suspect that there may be a defect and you are not scheduled for a maintenance, you can contact Jim’s fire testing services for risk assessment. The highly trained technicians can carry out a risk assessment test to alleviate your worries and lay your suspicions to rest.

Excellent Customer Services

Jim’s fire testing services excel not only in a professional capacity but also in their interaction with the customers. Their staff is highly trained and compliant. Being bound to FPA ensures that they provide the best services to their customers. An amiable staff ensures customer loyalty and this is one of the reasons why Jim’s fire testing services are so popular among the customers, besides their work ethos.

Choosing the Best Fire protection equipment Testing Services Ensures Safety of Your Loved Ones!

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