New employees are an added asset to any organization. To acknowledge their presence and greet them on their first-day of joining the company, you can plan for a gift-set or present, and kick-start a happy and professional relationship with them. Many companies send flowers to the new employees as soon as the join the firm, while others prefer to gift chocolates, cakes, or other goodies. There are many gift items to choose from to welcome a person onboard the team.

Below mentioned are some of the gifts you can present to a new employee.

1. Welcome Notepad and Sticky Notes

Make every new hire feel special by gifting them welcome notepad and sticky notes. Put these in custom envelopes, which carry a motivational quote such as: “Hi! Let’s do it together”, “welcome onboard”, “we will get through by teamwork” etc. This way, you can make the person feel truly welcome.

2. Lunch Set

A lunch set contains meal-box, pitcher to pour out beverages in, spoons, forks, eating-knife, a plate, and a water-container. Afternoon meals are something that everyone has at their workplace, thus a lunch set as gift to the new employee, is completely justified.

3. Bouquet of Flowers

If you want to welcome a new employee on his/her first-day, then get them a flower bouquet. Do place the order for flowers delivery well in advance so that when the moment arrives, you will have the flowers arranged for presentation. Floral arrangements are always counted upon as essential items to greet someone. You can think about Aryan Florist for online and timely delivery. For selecting the beautiful flowers you can visit

4. Writing Utilities

How about warming up to the new employee by presenting a set of custom pen, notepad, diary, journal, memo, and highlighter? It will make them feel at home instantly. Writing utilities are essential, and by customizing it to suit the employee, you welcome them the right way.

5. Scented Stress balls

We all understand that tasks at workplace could be sometimes tough. Every employee goes through trials and tribulations at office-place. But, scented stress balls are great gifts to kill the anxiety. These balls are made from sponge and rubbery kind of material that can be pressed between palms. The ball when pressed soothes the tensed muscles. On pressing the balls, unique scent is diffused, which calms the mind.

6. All-purpose Drawstring Tote

Tote bags are most unconventional. These are natural-fibre made and easy to carry. A drawstring cord tote bag is a wise gift to a new employee. He/she can use it to store the essentials and hang it next to the desk or on the cabin wall.

7. Inspirational Bookmarks

To keep a tab of the page of journal where one last left, inspirational bookmarks are the best. Look for inspirational quotes, especially those by entrepreneurs or that speaking about employee etiquette. Witty design and creative bookmarks are simple, yet thoughtful gift items.

8. Car Charger and Power Bank

Gift a set of emergency mobile device charger and a USB car charger to the employee, especially if the work-profile of the person includes field job. Get one that is compatible with all the USB charging cables including MP4, MP3, mobile phones, iPhone, iPod, iPad, digital cameras, GPS etc.

9. Computer Bag

If you provide a laptop to the employee, then computer bag is the perfect gift. Those who have the facility of working from home can be also gifted computer bag, since they will have to carry the laptop, notebook, etc at their home.

10. Personalized Sweatshirt

There could be times when the new employee will want to relax a bit between tasks, veg out with the television, and curl up on couch during the break-time. You can make them feel more comfortable in these times. Gift the person a personalized sweatshirt. This could be great to wear to the gym, and if your workplace has a gym, then a sweatshirt is an ideal gift. 

During the employee orientation session, you can gift them any of the above-mentioned items and make them feel the best on their joining-day.

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