Long gone are the times when people used wristwatches solely for the purpose of telling time. Today a smartwatch has a number of features that were unimagined in recent past. It saves your time as well as simplifies a lot of routine activities. From keeping track of physical activity, quality and quantity of sleep, to reducing the useless and repeated fidgeting with handsets; a smartwatch is entirely worth your money.

Here we list some major benefits of buying a smartwatch:

Smartwatch – A Gateway to Efficiency

Makes using the phone more convenient

There are countless occasions where taking your phone out of bag or pocket is either not possible or not suitable. A smartwatch helps by providing remote access to your phone. You can accept/reject calls and read text messages on it. Most smartwatches have speakers in them or you can also use the Bluetooth headset.

Efficiently gauges physical activity

Imagine yourself wearing a standard watch on one wrist and FitBit on the other. Though it might initially appeal you, it will slowly get cumbersome. Someday you may even forget wearing the Fitbit. When you own a smartwatch, you no longer have to worry on that front. A smartwatch constantly monitors your steps, calories burned, distance traveled, and heart rate. Connect the data with the fitness app and voila! The smartwatch manages your fitness regime way better than other dedicated devices.

Sleep tracker

Quality sleep is a rare phenomenon these days. An attempt to improve something is linked with an accurate measurement of the same. A smartwatch measures not just the total number of hours slept but also the duration of deep and light sleep. This information can be useful for monitoring medical, health and fitness goals NfmGame.

Economic on battery use

Contrary to popular belief, using a smartwatch improves your phone’s battery life. This is primarily because phone’s big screen using high-resolution display is replaced by your smart watch’s small screen most of the time. The connecting technology is usually Bluetooth 4.0 which is also energy efficient. Hence the net effect is enhanced battery life. This feature makes it a must-have for traveling purposes.

Music is a click away

A smartwatch saves you from the hassle of picking your phone for entertainment purpose. The controls for selecting music and adjusting volume are available on the watch. This saves your time and makes it relatively easy to play the music of your choice.

Instant Social Media Connectivity

Wearing a smartwatch means you are connected to social media 24/7. You receive notifications on it, can have a glance and decide when and what to respond. A smartwatch makes this filtering possible with the ease of a few swipes, without even picking your phone or opening your laptop.

Internet of Things

With the internet of things on the go, a smartwatch makes it more convenient to monitor remote devices. You can control the temperature of your Best Thermostat, turn lights on or off, observe a remote location with a few clicks on your smartwatch.

Efficient at using GPS systems

It is neither safe nor advisable to use your phone while driving or navigating through a new place. A smartwatch makes usage of GPS easier, convenient and safer.

Personalized Data

The degree of personalization offered by a smartwatch has a great customer appeal. It also has a bigger benefit in the form of customized advertisement content tailored to your unique profile.

The proximity of control and the myriad of options provided by smartwatch make it a lucrative investment. However, it should also be noted that the purpose of a smartwatch is not to replace a smartphone but to augment its usage in an accessible and convenient manner. By acting as an efficient personal assistant, a smartwatch practically helps you save time and become more productive and focused. Note, that it’s important to stay updated by searching the latest Technology news on the web.

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