Website design is a highly specialised job wherein you have to think about the contents visually and decide what will look good so that it attracts more traffic to the website. To ensure that the job is done in the right manner you can take the help of a web design company in India who will be able to do the job at a fraction of the cost that its western counterpart will charge. Make sure that the website you design is highly engaging so that it can hold the interest of the visitor and helps in conversion. While the messaging part is very important, we should never neglect the presentation part also and how it affects the intended receiver of the message psychologically. Here we are giving you some tips on how you can make the website that you are designing more engaging.  

Make your website more engaging for better traffic

1). The importance of colours:  Different colours have the potential to evoke different emotions in our mind. For example, green and blue colours have this calming effect, red colour shows dynamism, yellow vibrancy and so on. Therefore, if we are able to match the background colour of the webpage to its content, then it will help a great deal in increasing the interest of the visitor to read that subject.  

2). Importance of typography: Reading a text on a computer screen is not the same as reading from a book. The background light and colour makes a huge difference in the reading experience of an individual. Therefore, it is important that you chose the right kind of fonts to write any text on your webpage. Make sure that it contrasts beautifully with the background and is legible.  

3). Use of symmetry to deliver a message:  Most web design company in India uses the power of symmetry to deliver a message. The symmetrical format is very important to create the right environment to deliver a message. It is human nature to look for orderliness in chaos. Therefore, if you present your idea in an orderly manner, then it is more likely to be received well compared to a format that is disorderly. However, you can make use of asymmetry also in your web design process to attract the attention of the viewer like designing the call of the action button.

4). Use interesting tweaks to improve engagement: Let us face it that human mind seeks something interesting and fun filled things compared to bland statements. To make your webpage more interactive, you can make ample use of animations, videos and pop-ups that will help the viewer to navigate to a particular page, article or even give him some important information. The development in animation has made it a very powerful tool to project a very complex message in a very simple and fun-filled way.  

5). Allow some interactive feature for the viewer: To engage the interest of the viewer, you can provide some inbuilt customization on your webpage. The viewer can use them as per their choice to look at a particular product in different colours or even get a 360-degree view of it. All these give the viewer a greater say in the way he wishes to view the product which naturally evokes a stronger interest in him.  

6). Do not overwhelm your visitor: There is a tendency among several web designers to put in as many options as they can to show their wide product range. However, instead of evoking interest on the minds of the viewers, it overwhelms them with so much information. Therefore, try to keep it at the bare minimum level and let the customer decide without feeling the pressure of opting from so many options.    All these taken together will definitely improve the engagement content of your website, thereby attracting more traffic towards it.    

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