You need to capitalise on this, and ensure that your business has an Android app developed so that you not only attract, but also retain customers. There are a number of reasons why you need to hire an iOS developer and Android developer as soon as possible because otherwise, you will miss this lucrative opportunity.

On The Grid, All the Time

Customers can need access to your business’ information at a moment’s notice, and if they cannot find it, they will simply on to some other company that can. Most small businesses are not operational at all hours of the day. Fewer still can afford to hire a full-time customer care staff to answer calls in the dead of the night. While this might have been acceptable once upon a time, it is no longer the case. You need to provide them with a means by which they can view your services anywhere, any time.

An iPhone app development is better suited to assist small business with this task rather than large corporations. This is because while the latter can afford to hire 24/7 call agents in India, you cannot. You need a more cost-effective means, and a mobile application is exactly that. Besides being available at all hours of the day, clients will have their phone with them at all times too. So whenever they need your services, they will immediately turn to the app due to its convenient availability.

Increased Sales

When a customer decides to download your business’ app, it is symbolic of the fact that the customer approves of your services. In fact, the very presence of this app on their smartphones increases their odds of purchasing your products.

You can also take advantage of push notifications in this regard. If you have ever gotten a ping on your phone, and checked to find out it was from an app, then you know what we are talking about. You can use this function to inform readers of deals, discounts, order-tracking, and product launches. It is like an e-mail or text chain that frequent customers can subscribe to for information, but only better. That status bar is prime advertising grounds; you can be confident that your advertisements will reach your target audiences.

Brand Your Business

Ask anybody who is an expert on the subject, and they will tell you that marketing in the 21st Century is all about branding. Even small scale establishments have to worry about cultivating an appropriate brand image. An app is a high value-added service in an environment where it is still common for most small businesses to not have a mobile app.

It will greatly enhance your customers’ perception of your business as a premium service, and will strengthen their loyalty to you. This is on top of the new clients you will attract, since you will look far more reliable and competent thanks to a quality mobile app.

It Is Not As Expensive As You Think

You might be under the impression that getting an actual mobile app for your small business might not be very cost-effective. However, that simply is not the case. Having an app developed for your business is a very inexpensive affair, and even more so to maintain it. The returns very easily outweigh the investments.

As a businessperson, you would know that new technology is always expensive in the beginning but after a while, it begins become increasingly inexpensive until it falls into a category where everyone can afford it. App development services are in the final stage of this process. There are now a number of companies online that are offering business owners, like you, the option to have a quality app developed at an affordable rate.

As a small business owner, you regularly have to choose which trend to capitalise on and which to ignore as you have limited funds at your disposal. But when the option to have your own app made is so easily and readily available, then you should not waste any time pondering on it and immediately take advantage of it. Your customers will appreciate this initiative on your part, as it will upgrade their experiences with your services.

You Will Be Left in the Dust

Most small business owners are of the opinion that their establishments are too small to need their own app development. However, those who reject or underestimate technological progress will always be outpaced by those who embraced it. There is no more potent example of this than Blockbuster; the multi-billion dollar American DVD chain that has been wiped-off from the face of the earth by online streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime.

What is ironic about Blockbuster’s story is that it was once approached by Netflix; the latter wanted to be become a part of Blockbuster’s empire and operate their online division. But Blockbuster was blinded by their ego; turned the offer down as they were confident that DVDs and video rental services will not go away. We all know how the story proceeded from here: people embraced services like Netflix and Blockbuster lost virtually all of its revenue. This example is an exercise in how different our world could have been if, instead of scoffing at the idea of purchasing Netflix, Blockbuster executives had instead embraced the way technology was advancing.

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