Brighten up Your Day and Sleep Soundly with these 5 Smart Bedroom Gadgets

These days, smart homes are all the rage. From smart light bulbs to high-tech appliances, the number of ways to create a home that’s much more high-tech is innumerable. Smart homes have undoubtedly adorned us with its existence, and we indeed welcomed it with open arms.

And now, it has taken its hype on the way to our bedroom, though most people believed that it'd only inhibit us from getting a good night’s sleep. Yes, they’re partly correct that some gadgets act more as a distraction, but many of them will help us secure a sleep-conducive, peaceful bedroom environment.

For a little help, listed below are five bedroom gadgets that’ll bring your place for sleeping into the 21st century. Scroll down to know more.

Kindle Voyage E-reader: Amazon

Sure, there are lots of type of Amazon Kindles, but perhaps the best option for a nighttime reading is the Kindle Voyage E-reader. Just like the Kindle Oasis and Kindle Paperwhite models, Kindle Voyage also has a backlight. But the difference is that the Kindle Voyage has a sensor.

This particular sensor can detect the amount of light there is in a room and adjust its brightness correspondingly. Well, it’s something that we can see on our smartphones today, and it makes sense to incorporate it into a device used for reading.

The Kindle Voyage E-reader is a six inches touchscreen device with a luxurious 300 PPI (Pixels per inch) resolution. Plus, it’s slim enough and light enough to carry and doesn’t give you a sleep-disturbing eye strain as you read on it.

Also, it can hold thousands of books, for which you can download for free, and it’ll only need to get charged at least every two weeks. You can buy this type of Amazon Kindle in any online store such as Deal Wiki.

Philips Hue

Indeed, you have got many options for smart bulbs, and what distinctive brand is ideal for you depends on the other smart devices in your house. For example, if you’ve got Hive lighting in your home, it makes no sense to purchase a Hue Starter Kit since you can make use of your current lighting system and buy cheaper Hive bulbs.

But, Philips Hue is, without a doubt, the most excellent among other smart lighting hubs. Why? It’s because Philips Hue is a specialized wireless lighting system that allows you to regulate your light and generate the perfect ambiance in your bedroom.

As such, if you choose to install it in your bedroom, you can make use of the application to wake you up without the help of an alarm clock. Plus, it works well with Google Home, Alexa, Homekit, and many more.

Smart Speaker and Home Assistant: Google Home

Well, this gadget isn’t only beneficial and valuable in the bedroom because it has many functions that make your bedside table more accessible and convenient. It’ll ease you awake every morning by saying “OK Google, set the alarm for 9 am.”

You can also ask the Google Home to play any song that comes into your head the moment you wake up. You have to say “OK Google, play Diamonds by Rihanna.” You can even ask for a daily quote to inspire you for the day, ask for the weather so that you can wear or bring the essential items, or ask for traffic updates.

Headphones for Sleeping: SleepPhones

If your home is near to a busy road, you’ll probably have a hard time to get a deep, sound sleep every night. Fortunately, there is a device that can help us get the upper hand in this situation.

Have you ever heard of a device called SleepPhone? SleepPhones are smart devices that can help us impede any sleep-disturbing activities and noises. They are flat earphones attached to a fabric headband, and you can connect it to your mobile device via Bluetooth so you can tune in to podcasts, music, or acoustical noise as you sleep.

The associated phone application isn’t that great, but you can take advantage of other white noise applications in the app store. If you like to sleep in complete darkness, you can make use of the headband to cover your eyes. You will need to charge it once you wake up though.

Belkin Wemo Switch

Most of us don’t have the privilege of having a dressing room in our bedrooms, which can sometimes mean you are likely to leave your curling irons and hair straighteners switched on, there are smart ways to avoid dangerous repercussions. Such as the Belkin Wemo Switch.

The smartest and probably the simplest way to solve this “I-forgot-to-turn-it-off” tension once you leave your house is to connect your hair tools into a smart switch. In case you leave them turned on, you can easily switch them off directly from your mobile device.

Belkin Wemo Switch is exceptionally a good one because it doesn’t require any products or platforms to make it work. All you have to do is to connect it to an application on your mobile device and your home WiFi.

Amazon Alexa also works well with this device. As such, you can effortlessly connect to all the electrical system in your room such as the lamp, the TV, or the fan without getting out of your bed.  


In this modern era, more and more people want to make their bedroom a smart one. It’ll not only increase the value of their home, but it’ll make their lives a lot easier. From devices that will help you get a good night’s sleep to those that’ll brighten up your room, you can easily make your bedroom a smart one.

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