Top Five Architecture School in India

Architecture and planning have been deeply embodied in the Indian culture. With science and technology coupled with architecture, India had reached the pinnacle of success. Evidently, this can be seen in our array of temples, mosques, forts and historical sites. India is filled with examples like Taj Mahal, Nalanda Ruins, Virupaksha Temple, Ajanta Ellora Caves etc.

But the modern Indian architecture techniques are no less than its predecessors and slowly are becoming a roar which will echo throughout the world. There is the number of institutes which are set up in different parts of the country to keep up this trend of marvellous architecture.

These institutes are providing the state-of-the-art education in the field of architecture and planning, keeping the Indian Architecture Industry well fed with talented and skilled people.

Since you are interested in making a career in architecture, you should check out these colleges as they could prove to be a holy grail for your architecture career. Now, let us see some of the top architecture colleges in the country right now.

1. Himgiri ZEE University, Dehradun: Established in 2005, Himgiri ZEE University (HZU) is a privately owned university which provides the wide variety of courses such as Architecture, Agriculture, Engineering, Media, Journalism, Film Making and Law. However, out all the courses which are provided at the university, Architecture is the most renowned of them all.  

The School of Architecture at HZU strives to achieve distinction and excellence in three inter-related disciplines: Architecture, Design and Planning. As of now, HZU provides only the undergraduate course. The combination of all three sectors of development perhaps makes HZU the first of its kind in India.

2. School of Planning and Architecture, Delhi: SPA is one of the oldest architecture and planning institute in India. It was established in the year 1941 as the ‘Department of Architecture’ of the Delhi Technical University (DTU) and since then had gone through a lot of changes. In the year 1979, the institute was granted with Deemed University status. Today, it’s one of the best architecture and planning schools in Delhi.

The campus of SPA (Delhi) is divided into two blocks; one is for planning and another for architecture. Both of the blocks are situated near ITO at Indraprastha Estate.

The institute offers bachelor courses in both architecture and planning (started in 1989s). The total strength of students studying in SPA during the session of 2015-16 was 1,189 (UG & PG combined).

3. Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur: IIT is a most renowned government institute in the country right now. Although the institute is famous for its engineering courses, the architecture courses offered at IIT are excellent and are second to none. The institute offers both undergraduate and postgraduate degree courses. The postgraduate degree courses come with the specialisation in City Planning and Sustainable Build Environment.

The best thing about the institute is the exposure which they provide to their students. They often get to visit different architectural projects and sites which provide them with crucial practical exposure. Since the students have this opportunity of industrial visits, they were able to apply their theoretical knowledge outside their classrooms to these excursions as well.

4. Jamia Millia Islamia University, Delhi: JMI is a public central university in Delhi. It was established before independence, in the year 1920. The total strength of students at Jamia is more than 23000 (all courses combined). Architecture at JMI comes under the ‘Faculty of Architecture & Ekistics’. Although Jamia is a very mature university, the architecture program at Jamia was introduced later in the Year 2001-2002. In a very short span of time Jamia has created a history by establishing its ‘Faculty of Architecture & Ekistics’. 

Since Jamia is a public central university, the courses offered at Jamia are not as expensive as compared to other architecture and planning institutes, which give this university an edge over others.

Jamia offers two undergraduate courses in Architecture and five postgraduate courses in fields like Architecture Pedagogy, Building Services, Medical Architecture, Recreation Architecture, and Urban Regeneration.  

5. National Institute of Technology, Tiruchirappalli: Commonly known as NIT, Trichy. It is a public engineering institute which was established in the year 1964. It is recognized as an Institute of National Importance by the Government of India. The institute is located on the campus of 800 acres and covers the field like Architecture, Engineering, Applied Sciences, Humanities and Management Programs.  

Even though the institute itself is an elderly education body but the ‘Department of Architecture’ at NIT, Trichy was established later in the year 1980-81. Since the institute happens to own such a big campus, the facilities they are able to offer are excellent.

The students have access to Computer Laboratory, Department Library, Materials Library, Model Making Workshop, Construction Yard and Building Science Laboratory. The institute offers both undergraduate and postgraduate program in architecture.

So these are the top architecture colleges in India. They all offer world-class education and enrolling in any of these colleges, could be your first step towards your successful architecture and planning career.

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