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Data Science Analytics Certification for Data Governance

Lucia Adams 1686 03-Apr-2018

Data Science Analytics Certification for Data Governance

It’s wasteful to think something as important as big data as a farce. If we have bad news coming from the quarters of big data, we also hear the positives of using such a giant technology. Repercussions of using the technology for bad choices will result in deteriorating the potential of big data and nobody approves of that. Love it or hate it- as of now, big data is here to stay! 

When data fall into wrong hands, it can be very detrimental to the structure of big data. Such data can be manipulated and used for a wrongful purpose like election campaigns result maneuvering for manipulation of results and any change of public stance on important matters like referendum and exit polls. As what happened with Cambridge Analytica and Facebook, big data has been in news for all the wrong reasons.   

Data governance becomes very important in such scenarios. What’s data governance? It’s the complete administration of usability, integrity, availability, and data security in an organization. That, in turn, involves organizations to hire people with big data and analytics certification in data governance will be a blessing for them.    

Enough divulging in the negatives of big data, there are awesome positives too that people with data science and big data analytics certification have proved by coming up with amazing innovations. For example, flight services leverage big data to predict many technical faults in the flight operations which will help reduce the cancellations and delays of flights to rescue the passengers from the fright of long waiting hours and the interim hassle. And it’s already reaping huge benefits.   

But data governance is not only related to breaches. Data quality is a part of data governance and the data that an organization produces must be rich enough to be leveraged in business planning. In such scenarios, big data and analytics certification can be a savior. Organizations can provide them internally as well.   

Who thought data scientist skills would be used for growing grape plantations for the production of world-class wine? But the grapevine is just that. Grape planters are using the best data scientist skills to keep a hawkish eye on hilly terrain, ripening of grapes, microclimates, soil quality, and other such plant requirements to keep the usage of pesticides and fungicides at bay and produce the best quality wine for export around the world.         

Not just production, supply chain management is a big topic too. Specialists in information systems are involved in optimization of production and supply chain. How? They are using their data scientist skills to help farmers in having a bumper crop with transparent processes. Information is collected from diverse points such as price forecasting, agricultural machinery, and impact-sensitivity of potatoes to conveyor belts which causes crop damage.   

In hospitals, data governance becomes even more important and so does the hiring of people with big data and analytics certification. The information coming from real-life patients about the performance of medicines is collected to check the efficacy and potency of medicines in real-life versus the expectations. The government contemplation of possession of such huge data is also a reason for citizens to worry about medical history and privacy. That’s where data governance becomes utterly important as well as the roles of people with data science and big data analytics certification.               

Any power is as good or bad as the hands it is in. Even internet was merely a tool in the hands of others and it still has good as well as bad sides to it but that doesn’t mean we have ditched the internet usage.        

Updated 03-Apr-2018
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