Google Pixel and its Quick Screen Replacement
Google has spread its wings in almost all the technology related products. The company has gone long enough to get what it takes to lead the market. Google Pixel is one such device which has taken the market by storm. It has launched many versions of the Pixel and they are all working great among users. But since it is technology driven, there are many vulnerable points which make the device unusable. So, let us look at one of the main reasons for the device not being usable. The screen in a smart phone is the most important part as this helps you to get the outputs for all your inputs. So, let us look at some of the ways to get it replaced. 

Ways to Get Screen Replaced

Screen replacement has become an easy task unlike olden times. All you need to do is take a new set of screens and connect it to the phone to get the task accomplished. The screen is now a single part which was not the case earlier. So, it has become easy for you to change it. You and get this done on your own through the quick fix screen replacement kits available in the market. These kits have almost everything available in it so that the Google pixel screen replacement can be done easily. The best part of such a replacement is that it just needs to be fixed with the connector and your screen will be active. But the main work is to open it with care so that the phone does not get damaged. And the testing of the screen so that you know things are working well. But it would not be recommended to do it yourself as you may trigger some other problem unknowingly which may increase your cost as well as timelines to get the phone repaired. The best way to get the Google Pixel screen replacement done is through an authorized service center.

The Process

You would need to book an appointment with the service center in advance so that you not waste your time waiting for your turn to come. Even if you do not get an appointment you can walk in and wait for your turn patiently. Make sure you get a backup of your data so that in case of any mishaps your data is well secure. When you go for a Google Pixel screen replacement, you would be given a timeline until when your phone would be returned to you. This is usually on a while you wait basis so that your time does not get wasted.

These repairs and replacements are usually covered under warranty for about 30 days from the replacement date. This is only specific to any technical fault and not for any liquid or physical damage. In case if there is some damage of other sort then it would need some more time to be repaired. Also, if your phone has any physical or liquid damage due to which the screen has been damaged then it is quite possible that you would have to wait for long or would have to submit your phone till it gets repaired completely.

Google Pixel is a great phone and the camera quality is to die for. Each user that has purchased the device has not complained about its use and is still happy despite the many other competitors giving enhanced features. This is the fan base of Google Pixel and its versions. So, if you have a Google Pixel and the screen has been damaged then you know what to do and how to do it.

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