Now we are very much aware of 360-degree photography, 360-degree videos, live 360-degree and much more stuff which is intended with the 360-degree mode.

All you need to know about 360 degree cameras

Gone are the days when photography was been locked up in the 3:2, 4:3 and 16:9 camera formats because there are no boundaries as the modern cameras have evolved at its best.  

There is a variant of cameras available in the market which are capable of giving an exceptional experience of photographySimilar in the case of 360-degree mode camera which is giving a seraphic 360-degree experience to a user.

All you need to know about 360 degree cameras

Soon as the social media platforms came up with live 360 degree features the 360-degree camera market was a buzz.

What exactly a 360-degree camera is?

A 360-degree camera is basically a camera which is designed in such a way which lets a user capture a 360-degree field of view in the horizontal plane.

All you need to know about 360 degree cameras

These cameras play an integral when there is a desire for large visual field coverage. Panoramic and robotics photography could not be even imagined without a 360-degree camera.

What makes these camera specials from others?

Most of the camera which is available in the market is rich in taking up to a maximum capacity of 180 degrees or a slightly little bit more than that. This simply means an ordinary camera has the capability of capturing the light falling in their focal points through a specific sphere.

All you need to know about 360 degree cameras

Whereas a 360 camera covers up the whole sphere as it has the capability of capturing up to the light from any direction and angle. Almost all 360-degree camera has the capability to cover almost full sphere along the equator.

Mind blogging 360-degree camera available in the market

As I told you about social media platform offering a 360-degree format for their users to go live and post videos and pictures too. The market of 360-degree camera demand also hiked up cordially top brands like Samsung, Kodak and GoPro had already launched their several models of 360 cameras.

Samsung Gear 360, Kodak PixPro SP360 4K, Insta360 One, 360fly 4k are some of the most sophisticated ones in the market which offers a great user experience when a user is in a 360-degree mode.

All you need to know about 360 degree cameras

Apart from capturing attention-grabbing pictures, these cameras are also capable of giving you an extraordinary feeling when you stream yourself to live on Facebook or Instagram.

How wide angle shot before was taken before a 360-degree camera?

Back when the omnidirectional 360-degree camera was not introduced panoramic photography was the only way to capture a wide angle shot.

All you need to know about 360 degree cameras

A panoramic photography is basically a type of photography in which shots of different angles are been taken in one single and then the image is been stitched and at final a wide angle picture was been made.


With the advanced 360 degree cameras, the photography stream is becoming more advanced and adventurous and even the normal users are praising as those cameras are exceptionally good when you are streaming on a social media platform.

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