How to operate WordPress from your iPhone or Android?

All of you must have heard about WordPress. Yes, you got it right! WordPress is one of the most popular open source software which is based on MySQL and PHP. The main objective is to provide a better system for content management. For this purpose, the WordPress software needs to be connected to a web server and connected to an internet hosting service. Enough of this technical information, but have you ever wondered how can you use this system in a portable form?

How to operate WordPress from your iPhone or Android?

In this age of technological advancement and increased customer mobility, it is not always possible to surf this system from a desktop or a personal computer. You may not have the time to browse WordPress when you are at home. On the flip side, you would like to surf it when going to office or going to your university. This would mean that you would be able to spend your time in a more productive manner. The good news is that WordPress is available at iPhone as well as Android smartphones. Moreover, it is absolutely free of cost in both cases. However, there is some difference in the functionality of the WordPress app in both the operating system.

WordPress for Android

WordPress for the Android users is one of the most common open source applications which allows you to feed new posts, edit the content of your posts and manage all the relevant comments in your posts. You would also be getting notifications when there is a new comment in this app. There are also new features in the app such as video upload and geotagging. The first thing to do is to install WordPress from Google Play in your Android phone. Once installed, tap the icon and login to your blog. You can add your self-hosted blog and create an account at The first page opened would be the Reader Interface and it would show you the content from the respective blogs that you follow personally follow. In the left hand side, you would find options such as reader, notification, posts, media, pages, comments, themes, stats and others.

There are several mobile applications that would help you to manage your WordPress site at a better way.

  • Google Analytics

This is one of the most powerful as well as free analytics object for the different website owners. It is helpful in the creation as well as viewing of the custom reports so that the date ranges as well as real-time reports can be selected.

  • Evernote

Ever wanted the need to take notes on your smartphone? If yes, then install this app. This allows you to note only take notes but also get sync across all the devices. You are also able to draw doodles, save pictures, take notes, create videos and save bookmarks.

  • Feedly

Feedly is one of the smart feed readers which would help you stay connected with the blogs, websites and other news sources. You can also share your own articles through this app.

  • PayPal

This is one of the most important mobile app which would help you to manage your payments, make payments and transfer of funds.

WordPress for iPhone

WordPress is one of the most important mobile plug-in which converts your websites or blogs to a mobile app as well as mobile website. It is now optimized for new user interface of iPad, iPhone and others. It also helps you to moderate various posts, edit the posts as well as reply to various user comments.

If you own an iPhone, then you can install the WordPress app for free from the itunes store. After you login to the app, you can sign in with your credentials. This app would help you to connect your WordPress website, which would be helpful in retrieving the data. This app has a simple as well as intuitive user interface, where the menu in the left section would help you to navigate in different sections of your website. This left area would help you to write posts, edit posts, manage different posts, view the site and browse into specific admin area which would help you in managing your account.

The new WordPress is easily manageable from the WordPress App. You can easily write pots in the app by tapping the icon which is placed next to the post and then start your text. The post editor in the app has new interface which would help you to type in mobile smoothly. You would also be able to upload various kinds of media and other files by clicking on the attachment button. You would also be able to manage the comments through the WordPress app. This app would allow the bloggers to approve as well as moderate the comments that have been made. There has been significantly improvement in the features of this app in iPhone. The app is helpful in managing the site from any location in the world. It has a touch friendly interface and it is simpler than managing the website from the website browser.

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