The idea of quantum computing is still very new. Experiments have been done. In these, a very small number of operations were done on qubits (quantum bit).

The all new age of Quantum computing

Both practical and theoretical research continues with interest, and much national government and military funding agencies support quantum computing research to develop quantum computers for both civilian and military purposes, such as cryptanalysis. 

Very soon we will able to see a perfect quantum computer as the research and development to create a well-designed Quantum computer is really at a very rapid pace. Quantum computers will change the scenario of the computing world. 

Quantum computing

This type of computing deals with the study and methods stated in quantum physics, which is a branch of physics that explores, however, the physical world works at the foremost elementary levels.

At this level, particles behave in strange ways in which, usurping over one state at an equivalent time, and interacting with alternative particles that area unit terribly remote.

The computers we have a tendency to use these days area unit referred to as classical computers. They’ve been a drive within the world for many years advancing everything from aid to however we have a tendency to look. However, there are sure issues that classical computers can merely ne'er be ready to solve.

The all new age of Quantum computing

Think about the alkaloid molecule in an exceedingly cup of occasional. Amazingly, it’s complicated enough that no pc that exists or can be designed would be capable of modeling alkaloid and absolutely understand its elaborated structure and properties. This can be the kind of challenge quantum has the potential to tackle.

Quantum computers

Quantum computer is one of the strongest computers which makes the activity of processing information and data in a whole a whole new different stage with a great speed and with an advanced approach.

A quantum computer is made with the mechanism and methods of quantum technology that’s the reason it has been named as quantum computers.

In future, it is expected that quantum computers will be capable of materials and drug discovery, the optimization of complex man-made systems, and artificial intelligence.

How quantum computers work

These computers basically work on the methods and guidelines of quantum mechanics for example entanglement and superposition which is very similar to classical computers like the pattern our classical computers work on bits.

The quantum computer works on qubits. However, 1 qubits need 2 classical bits 2 qubits need 4 bits and similarly N Qubits need 2ᴺ bits. Which leads to needing of less number of qubits than classical bits for a particular problem.

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