Cybersecurity refers to the security which includes the security and protection of computer systems from cyber-attacks, thefts, and damage to their hardware. Cybersecurity involves the technology involves a body technology which is capable of saving an individual confidential data, information, and details.  

Cyber security

Cybersecurity consists of programs which are designed to secure networks, devices, programs, and data from attack, damage, or unauthorized access.

Ethical hackers

Government hires ethical hackers and provide them license to possess their hacking work for them. You may have listened to the name of Ankit Fadia one of the most renowned self-proclaimed ethical hackers in India. The prime reason why the government has to take such steps is that of increase in the use of internet own devices.

There are billions of people out there in the world who use excessive internet due to which the cases of cybercrimes have also been increased and to counter such cases government hires ethical hackers. These hackers are basically technological geeks who are mostly stuck in gadgets and tools related to software, programming, and many more technological things.

Measures you can take to protect yourself
Don’t give out personal information

Avoid sharing your personal information on the web such as phone numbers, email address, documents, bank details and many more things which are confidential. As it’s very hard to do this but at least you can try sharing this information person who is trustable.

Most of the time we listen to cases about the financial crime which happened just because the user gave his confidential information to someone because he/she was offered something and in greed, they provided that information.

Stay Updated

Always stay updated regarding technology and updates on your computer, laptop or any device by which you access on the Internet. Always look after of updating the antiviruses if you are a regular internet user.

Most of the malware attacks are been done through the internet, so always secure your internet with antiviruses. If you are in a work in which you have share confidential data on a regular basis I will suggest you pay some bucks and hire a cybersecurity service.

Opt complex password

Always opt a password which is complex in nature and don’t apply a simple accessing password on any web network. A complex password is better and isn’t easily breakable by great hackers. So always confine in your mind that you are not putting a password like 1234567 or just opposite to it.

Avoid clicking on links that are sent to emails

Never click on a link which is sent to you through emails if you aren’t sure and hardly know about it. It could be a malware attack or it could be a practice of cybercrime through which you can lose something confidential and things you may not like to share with anyone.

However, if you are comfortable opening it you can but as if there are so many confirmation emails send to your mail whenever you register on a website or anywhere on the web which is basically sent to verify that it was a genuine user.

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