Here’s How to Create an Exceptional Web Design that Wow Your Customers

When it comes to creating a website, it is quite easy to get hung up on visual aesthetics. But if you truly want to come up with a website that becomes a brand awareness and lead generation machine, then you need to focus on more than just how your website looks.

In this digital age, where consumers can have billion of website, you need to make sure your custom web design agency optimize a website for functionality and usability both to offer an interactive and enjoyable website experience to users. 

Here are a few helpful guidelines that help you create a website design that better usability and great UX. 

Simplicity Matters a lot 

Since the entire look and feel of your website matters a lot, many consumers are not coming to your website to judge how sleek the design is. Instead, visitors are landing on your website for a reason to make a purchase or download an eBook, or find some specific piece of information. 

Therefore, it is advised to incorporating unnecessary elements that are functionless to your website. As it will only make it harder for visitors to accomplish what they are trying to accomplish. From a UX perspective, simplicity is the key to maximum usability. Use only few colors and maximum of three typefaces to make the design as simple as possible. 

Visual Hierarchy 

Visual hierarchy includes arranging your website elements in a way that visitors naturally attract to the most important element first. When it comes to optimizing your business website for maximum usability and optimum UX, the objective is to lead your prospects to complete a desired action in a natural and enjoyable way. 

By simply adjusting the position, size and color of web design elements, you can structure your website in a way that visitors will be drawn to those elements first. 

Easy Navigation 

Having an easy, simple and intuitive navigation is vital for ensuring consumers can easily find what they are looking for. Because visitors don’t have much time to think extensively about where they should click to find their desired product. 

Keep the structure of your navigation as simple as possible; don’t complicate it by giving too many options. Make it clear and consistent throughout your website. 

Be Consistent 

In addition to simple design, easy navigation and perfect visual hierarchy, the overall look and feel of your website should be consistent throughout the website. Colors, typefaces, backgrounds, and even the white spaces should be consistent to create a positive impact on usability and UX both. 

However, your custom web design company can create different layouts for different categories, such as landing pages, informational pages or more. By consistently using these types of layouts, you will make it easier for consumers to understand the type of information they are more likely to find on a particular page. 

Make it Accessible 

Improving your website accessibility is important to provide a better user experience across multiple platforms. To offer a truly amazing UX, your website needs to compatible with different devices, browsers and operating systems that your users are using. It is recommended to invest in a website structure that is responsive. With responsive website design, your content is naturally resized and reshuffled to fit the dimensions of nearly every device your visitors are using. 

Build Credibility 

One of the easiest and effective ways to improve your website’s credibility is to be honest about the products or services your agency is selling on the site. Don’t make it complicated for visitors to dig through a number of pages just to find your USP. Be up front about it, clearly explain what is the reason behind your business existence. 

At the end of the day, usability and UX depend on the preferences and interests of users. If you are not designing for them, then you are wasting your time, resources and efforts. To improve your website design, conduct user testing, collect feedback and make necessary tweaks based on the data you gathered. 

Creating a user-friendly website will not only offer a great UX but also increase the conversion rate of your New York based web design company. Put yourself into the shoes of your users and focus on them to offer a seamless experience. 

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