AutomationThe word automation is taken from the word automatic it came in use after 1947 when a company naming ford opened an automation department. 

Automation could be defined as when there is a set of work and task done using automatic means or done automatically. It can be also defined as the technique which is applied in a task without using humans. There are so many examples of automation if we see around us such as machines, aircrafts vehicles so many things. Automation is making humans life easier and is providing effectiveness and efficiency too. Automation is a beneficiary as its technique don’t require human resource much.

Automation in regular life

Well, automation is everywhere around us, there could be chances that we are not living up with much advance automation which usually requires a lot of those complex calculation and systems with sensors and accurate controllers but still, we are living in mid of automation.

In our regular life, we use so many machinery tools to such as washing machines, air condition computers these things are simply a perfect example of automation.


How is automation developing today?

As a result of the advances in technology, the rise in laptop and calculation power, higher sensors and a lot of varieties of sensors, it's doable to permit computers and machines management and do more tasks than antecedently.

Did you recognize, that just about all industrial rider airplanes, square measure flown by a laptop just about straight once takeoff? The pilots are there just as “supervising passengers”, ensuring nothing goes wrong with the pc. Not all, however, several landings these days, are either laptop aided or fully done by a laptop. 

Detected however in recent years, planes appear to be returning down quicker, and you don’t expertise this “roller coaster” feeling in an exceedingly unexpected drop? This is often as a result of computers are dominant the tight, and optimize the trail and use advanced algorithms to calculate the descent path.

Assets of automation

• The graph of productivity has changed because of automatic technology.

• The production is of more fine quality as compared to the previous quality.

• Automation has increased the consistency rate in the process of production as it has enhanced.

• Through machines, direct involvement of manpower has been reduced as it has enhanced efficiency.

Detriment of automation

• An automated system might have a restricted level of intelligence and is thus additional vulnerable to committing errors outside of its immediate scope of information.

• The analysis and development price of automating a method might exceed the value saved by the automation itself.

• The automation of a replacement product or plant usually needs a really giant initial investment as compared with the cost of the merchandise, though the value of automation is also unfolded among several products and over time.


Is automation good for humanity?

Well, there are so many who say and write different things about automation but it’s a fact which everyone has to accept that automation is good for humanity in variant ways. Now there could be hard people who can live up without automatic technology. It truly doesn’t mean that we are being trapped in it but it’s quite useful and is ardent for humans. It is acceptable that automation could make humans a bit lazy for sure.

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