AI Has Defeated Us at Our Own Game: How the First Battles Between Humanity & Artificial Intelligence Played Out 

AI (Artificial Intelligence) has been slowly creeping its way into the media of late as the mainstream begins to debate the quickly approaching AI age. For many, the assumption is still that humanity is years away from having the technological ability to create an AI that could potentially out do its makers. That assumption couldn’t be further from the truth, as AI is already on a level far exceeding mainstream knowledge. The new breed of poker champions is poker playing AI bots, as told by Poker sites UK, and they’re already able to crush human professionals consistently. 

Current Level Of Poker AI 

Libratus, a Poker AI built by CMU, is able to beat the best human players at a rate of nearly $15 per hand. Against four of the world’s best poker players. Libratus defeated its human challengers for a total of $1.77 million in total earnings over 30,000 hands of poker. Libratus the AI is simply the best player on Earth, currently, and the probability of a human actually playing better than it is around 0.0001% (with lower boundaries for standard deviation and 0.54% with upper boundaries. In layman’s terms, the chances of us beating an AI poker bot that already exists is next to nothing. 

Advantages AI Has Over Humans 

In terms of inherent advantages, AI has a few key ones that make it a much better poker player. AI doesn’t get tired or hungry, feel the value for money or make poor decisions based on emotions like “tilt”. Humans, on the other hand, are prone to these characteristics and thus can’t continually play at the same level as an AI. We all need sleep and food, feel emotions and the perception of value for money & time are ingrained into our very nature. Furthermore, AI can identify specific weaknesses in a player and can adjust their strategy to out calculate them. 

Cross Sector Applications 

Considering AI is capable of winning at poker, the potential uses for Libratus style AI is wide and diverse. Business negotiations, medicine, cyber security and auctions could all benefit and see AI revolutions based on poker AI strategy alone. Currently, AI is already a focus for many industries. Primary sectors that have already developed advanced AI include banking, tech sector, governments and defense. These sectors are all very integral to our society and, in some cases, are far ahead of the mainstream knowledge of their reliance on AI. The stock market and investment management sector, for example, have AI that consistently outperforms their human counterparts. 

The Future 

With AI continuing to develop exponentially alongside our technology and modern industries, we are in the age of AI. AI has already won the first man vs. machine battle and defeated us at our own game, poker. With the debate growing, the entire world will soon be faced with limiting this new technology or risk losing much more than poker championships, as the poker world may not be the end of AI’s conquests. 


  Modified On Mar-21-2018 02:25:48 AM

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