Facebook Taking Social Media Platforms a Notch Higher

Facebook has updated various features some of which had already existed while others have been introduced newly to make the platform more engaging to the users. People are finding it more interesting to use Facebook for both personal and commercial purposes.

Facebook is one of the top notch social media platforms where the entire world resides at a virtual level. Everyone is connected to everyone on Facebook and you can of course view what others have to say about a particular matter.

Facebook is personal on one hand and also social on the other hand. This is an interesting position to be in. Thus, it is also important to keep updating the platform keeping in mind the demands of the users and the demands of the time. These updates are absolutely interesting and great to use as well.

Here are some updates that Facebook has launched for its users of late:

#1. Messenger Day- Users who love to use Snapchat or Instagram stories will love this feature recently launched. They rolled out this feature after a lot of deliberation. This feature is exclusive to Facebook and follows what Snapchat offers its members in terms of filters, stories, stickers to narrate incidents and also to decorate them whenever possible.

Also, these posts disappear after 24 hours. The process to do it is also simple. Simply click on “Add to your Day” to post a video decorated with smiley icon and tell a story you want to share. Customization for icons and sending options is available for users.

A Messenger Day post can also appear in conversations. The post will not be accompanied by a “Like” option, but you can definitely react to it with “Wow”, “Heart” emojis etc. This will also help in earning revenue after sometime when advertisements will be included between such posts.

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#2. Adding Flags to Profile Pictures – This is a cool feature update as it provides for openly supporting your favorite sports team on Facebook. Simply flag yourself with an icon on your Facebook profile picture. Earlier customized user frames were allowed, now almost 200 country flags will be available to frame your profile picture on Facebook.

#3. Extra Ad Measurement Tools – Earlier advanced measurement platforms like Atlas was only available to large advertisers. Now, the social media platform has brought ad measurement capabilities to Facebook Business Manager. The feature update will make Atlas available in a self-serve manner thus opening it for the use of thousands of marketers.

#4. VR App Integration – Facebook launched Facebook 360 to post video as well as photos on the social media platform. The content posted using this feature will be rich and fun to post and see also. Enjoy a complete 360 degree view of any image as well as videos.

#5. Autoplay Videos – This is for mobile phone users who use this application on their smartphones. They will soon hear audio fading in while they sift through the videos in their appearing in their News Feed.

When viewers will see the whole video, the sound will get louder on the phone and it will again fade away when the video will pass the scroll. This sound feature has been made available to organic videos and ad videos also. This will also mean lesser subtitles on the videos.

#6. Ad Break Updates – Facebook during the month of February had introduced three types of video ads for social network and also for publishers’ websites. The first one is that publishers can upload their ads to Facebook well in advance for the algorithms to run an auction and deliver most relevant ads for users.

The second one is the ad break feature for Facebook live videos within its own application on additional profiles and pages. The idea is that the broadcaster will earn revenue by streaming an ad for up to 15 seconds in between live video watching. The third option is that Facebook is examining ad breaks for “on-demand” videos.

Publishers can upload short ad videos within existing video library or within videos they have uploaded for public viewing. This enhances the opportunity to earn money on the part of the publisher.

#7. Messenger Reactions – This is again an extremely fun and simple update from Facebook making this social media platform more interesting to use. Addition of a couple of emojis to the messenger application has become an instant hit.

Along with all the other emojis, a thumbs up and down reaction is also provided with the existing list. Messenger will get an enhanced list of reactions to make it more engaging. These emojis are mostly being used in group chats to reply to messages quickly. Since their launch, Facebook reactions have been used over 300 billion times and the “Love” reaction have by far been the most popular one among others.

All these updated Facebook features are contributing to making this social media platform more engaging among the users. Facebook is one of the biggest social media platforms which has reached out to even remote places. People really like using this platform for personal as well as for commercial purposes. These updates will only increase its usability.

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