Basic Steps to Start an SEO Campaign

Basic Steps to Start an SEO Campaign

SEO has been evolving ever since Internet and social media is being used for advertising and it is also going to change in the future dramatically.

It has been a bit easier in the past years to dominate the website ranking through applying SEO techniques; all one had to do is to build the anchor text links.

SEO is not going to be that easy anymore, but there is still a way to dominate the search engines like Google and Yahoo by following our step by step guide to starting an SEO campaign. 

What is Search Engine Optimization Campaign?

A good search engine optimization campaign can help the website owners to solve many problems like better website ranking, better conversion rate and more visitors to the site.

These goals are not easy for most people to achieve unfortunately, due to strict rules of a search engine. Another major reason for failure is not planning an effective strategy to carry on your SEO campaign.

A new business idea is a great thing and getting a new domain name to start the website building process is the practical step towards the achievements of your goals.

But how can it be easy for the search engines like Google to rank and discover that website?

The results of SEO are rarely quick, and it is a long term process which takes months or sometimes a year to obtain results.

The website’s potential to be ranked higher can be increased by making the wise first few steps after its launch.

The ultimate goal of the business is to bring the sales through a website by increasing traffic.

From an SEO perspective, getting things right at the beginning is essential, if the website is not built with SEO in mind, then you will have to spend hours on it to work effectively for your business.

We are listing below the essential steps a website owner can take after launching their new business website that ensure that it is designed for SEO and will attract as much traffic as possible from organic search. 

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#1- Structuring Website for Target Keywords

The ability of a website to rank higher on search engine depends on its structure; to rank effectively for your target keywords, you need to structure your website so that each page targets its own set of closely related, highly relevant keywords.

For example, if you are starting a website regarding women’s shoes, then it will sell a variety of women’s shoes from various brands. You would like each category to rank for its target keywords and attract the visiting searching for a specific brand of shoe.

This means it is effective to break down the website into specific categories; each category will have a different keyword.

Structuring the website according to keywords will provide many advantages. It will allow you to target each keyword on each page of the website.

You can also break down the categories into sub categories. This type of structure is helpful to let every page target its keyword.

#2- Analyze Your Website

The analysis of a current situation is crucial before you take practical steps to improve your website for SEO. This will help you to identify the potential opportunities and weaknesses of your business.

Using the Optimizer tools will help to analyze the website visitors. Web analytic tools help you to analyze the visitors of your website.

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#3- Do Proper Planning

If you want to obtain results, then do not approach things without a blank head. You need to make a plan that will work. Set a concrete goal like you want to get 50000 visitors for your website in each month.

A goal can also be like 10% of visitors should not return without buying something from your website.

You need to decide quickly the specific pages which should be found on the search engine. These pages must have a good conversion rate, and they should be convincing.

Deciding which actions can help the visitors to buy from your pages would also help. Each specific page should have a specific goal on the website.

#4- Action

Planning without action is useless; for finding the best keywords for the campaign, use the keyword tools. To optimize the pages for these keywords, use the optimizer tools and to get better backlinks for your website, use the link building tools.

#5- Start a PPC Campaign

A PPC or Pay Per Click Campaign is not a bad idea to optimize a newly launched site for the search engines, start a pay per click PPC campaign using specific keywords and phrases.

The word choice is very important to convert visitors into customers. If does not matter if you generate a lot of traffic to your website and no money is made regarding a sale.

The goal is to convert the website traffic into customers and making SEO work for you.

#6- Build Useful Links

The next step is to start building the links as soon as you know how to use the best keywords. You need these links to be highly relevant, send an email manually to top 100 and 1000 websites that are ranking a specific term you are trying to rank for.

If you point those links to internal pages while building them; your organic traffic will naturally boost over time by following this step.

#7- Build a Facebook Page

Social media is the most popular source for generating traffic and Facebook is also the top ten social media source for popular traffic sources.

You are missing out on many customers if you are not on the Facebook. Every industry is having a Facebook page now that depends on the size of their Facebook audience.

By spending a few thousand dollars, it is possible to get a huge Facebook audience which will help you to drive traffic back to your website. Facebook pages provide likes that boost the ranking of your website.

#8- Build a Twitter Profile

To boost your social signals, building a Twitter profile will certainly help. Through Twitter ad network, there is no other simple way to get more followers.

Make sure you get the highest number of Tweets.

#9- Hiring a PR professional

Hiring a PR professional or agency will help you boost your SEO campaign. Your PR agency will help you get the coverage once a new feature or service is launched.

If you have big events coming up, it is easy to get news coverage. There are quite a few authority sites like Techcrunch to cover newsworthy events.

It will be easy to get you interviews if you are a singer or actor, journalists will be willing to interview you on your stellar data or resume.

#10- Write an Awesome Blog

Starting a blog and adding awesome content can bring amazing results for your business. Miracles will not happen in a short time, but the great content of your blog should be able to boost your SEO campaign within one year.

Getting a blog started is the easiest thing on the planet these days with WordPress or BlogSpot free platforms available. But it is recommended to dedicate a separate page on your website for blog posts.

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