Google Search now employs AI to pull in job results from all leading platforms

Google Search now employs AI to pull in job results from all leading platforms

And Google is doing what it does best, once again! It is simplifying our lives by adding another feature to the search results. It has today announced that pupil from across the globe will now be able to scout for new job opportunities by simply searching for them.

The Mountain View tech giant is going all out to support you in finding that perfect job as you will be shown results from all leading online job search portals namely LinkedIn, Monster, Way Up, Direct Employers, Career Builder, Facebook, as well as others. Google is known to index everything, so it is also going to pull in listings from the company’s official websites. It is even going to allow users to enable email notification alerts for when relevant employment opportunities arise.

This latest feature addition to the already robust search platform is part of the Google for Jobs initiative that was announced at the I/O developer conference last month. It was squarely aimed at employing Google’s AI-powered data management skills to make the job search process a tad bit effortless.

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This means you can use Google search to input generic queries such as catering jobs near me, teaching jobs, or similar job-seeking queries to gain access to relevant job positions right here. Google may ask you to provide the app permission to access your current location if you haven’t already allowed the same. This is one of the highlights of this features and enables you to ask specific queries such as construction jobs in New York or IT jobs in San Francisco.

And since you’re not generally interested in all job positions that surface in the search results, you can filter the results based on the criterion you wanna choose. This means you can filter the results on the basis of commute time or distance, job specialties and work hours required from them. It has also partnered with Glassdoor to even show ratings and reviews for some job descriptions. Further the search giant wants to make more jobs discoverable, hence:

It is publishing open documentation for all jobs providers, from third-party platforms or direct employers, big or small, detailing how to make their job openings discoverable in this new feature.

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