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How to Increase Your Facebook Page Likes Fast?

Royce Roy 1847 13-Jul-2017

                     How to Increase Your Facebook Page Likes  Fast?

Facebook is undoubtedly one of the most powerful social media marketing tools available online out there.

Having 1.86 billion monthly active Facebook users, Facebook is too big to ignore and a great platform to find your targeted audiences.

When you are running a blogger, you might need to create a Facebook fan page for your audiences to share you latest blog posts, products, and blogging services.

On the other hand, if you have already a Facebook page, you might need to know how to make people to like your Facebook page.

Whatever is your case, this post will help you in both ways.

Having tens of thousands of likes on your Facebook page will establish you as a brand, people will trust you and think the page belongs to a brand that cares about its reputation and audience.

They might ask you to earn money online by sharing their sponsored posts, products, and tools on your FB page.

Let’s see:

How to increase Facebook page likes easy?

When you create your first Facebook page, the first question comes to your mind is “How to get more people to like your Facebook page”?

Getting real Facebook likes on your page isn’t easy for sure, but also it isn’t as hard as you think. All you need to build a strategy to for Facebook page.

I have met people who ask me “how to get fake likes on Facebook” because they aren’t getting any like on their page.

I can understand their situation; people often get disappointed when no one likes their page and that time they talk stupid like that.

Considering that, I am going to share with you some easy Tips to increase Facebook page likes:

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#1. Complete setup your page timeline

Upon creation of your Facebook fan page, the first thing you need to do is to upload a profile picture and a professionally customized Facebook cover image.

You must upload your Facebook profile image that should be 180X180 pixels, since, Facebook cover size should be 851X315 pixels.

Once you have uploaded the images next step is to move to the ABOUT section of your page and fill all the necessary information.

#2. Invite your friends

Facebook allows you to invite your friends to like your page. You may find this option at the left side

Click on the “Invite Friends to Like This Page” option.

When you click on that, a box will appear having all lists of all your Facebook friends. Invite then one by one.

This is first methods to get first Facebook likes. However, you may use it anytime you want and ask your friends to like your page. 

#3. Request friends to invite their friends

When you friends like your Fan page they see “Invite friends to like this page” message.

Request them to invite their friends to like your page.

When asking your friends make sure you are polite.

Don’t force anyone unless he is very close to you. 

#4. Build a posting schedule and to stick to it

If you post multiple times on your page, then it is not going to help you in increasing your Facebook page likes unless your page is about the meme or gossips of celebrities.

User engagement automatically increases on your page once you start posting on a regular schedule.

A study found out, pages that post 1-2 times a day gets most user engagement than those who post 3+ times a day.

Note – User engagement on your posts will only increase when you will post something valuable and entertaining to your audience.

#5. Add Facebook Like Box to your blog

The easiest way to get more likes on your Facebook page is to add Like Box to your blog.

Use The Page plugin it lets you easily embed and promote your Facebook Page on your website.

It displays page feeds as well as profile images of people who have liked your Facebook page.

The widget on the sidebar always provides good results. 

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