IT infrastructure is a challenge for any company, but when it comes to a manufacturing company, the challenges are more as the company grows and expands its market share.  The initial focus of the company is on making the product available which is usually followed by distribution and other business functions.

With the growth of the firm, these functions scale and put pressure on the existing IT systems and a solution integrator can help you can upgrade your systems and possibly review your IT strategy to align it to the future requirements. 

Involving a Solutions Integrator

The size of your company is related closely to kind of benefits you can get from a solutions integrator. As the business expands and the system complexity increases, maintaining internal staff with a broad range of technology expertise can be very expensive. From data center specialists, application programmers and other experts you may end up in a colossal IT department. You can certainly leverage a managed service provider at this point to keep costs in control and ensure that IT operations aren’t compromised as well. The benefits of involving a solutions provider earlier in the business life-cycle are more than involving them late. 

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The main advantages of involving a system integrator are:

Best Solutions and Practices Are Implemented

When you decide to go for a solution integrator, it brings in more consistency and your organization doesn’t have to spend time learning all the technologies. You can leverage the expertise of the MSP and leverage their expertise. It will not reduce the costs and will also reduce the chance of the project failure. 

Industry Standard Solutions

With the help of a good solution integrator, you can expect that a standard process will be followed during the technology implementation or the management of the business. The managed service provider will take the responsibility of training the employees. This standardization helps in better diagnosing the issues that can crop up in the future. This leads to lesser costs of service and will also the support the technology system of the future.

An Effective Technology Solution

Once the managed service provider takes the responsibility of your IT system, it significantly reduces the unplanned downtime. It also brings greater consistency in the IT systems. The main reason is that your IT team is more focused on specific requirements of the organization while the MSP may be more accountable for the technology integration. The internal employees may also have less experience in managing such diverse technology solutions and may resort for temporary fixes which may be harmful in the long run. 


The managed service provider offer standardization which is more likely to make it easy to complement other projects or tasks. This kind of standardization and standard methodologies make it easy for other IT providers to do their tasks. This means you can break the entire IT infrastructure into interoperable segments with each segment being outsourced to various service providers based on their expertise. 

Local Vs Global

The best solution integrator in the Philippines is capable of delivering results in the line of the company’s needs and many of these MSPs are capable of working in a global environment and offer a global perspective for a multinational roll-out. They can also provide local language support making the implementation even more successful.

Thus by availing the services of technology solutions provider, you can rest assured that your IT operations will be less costly and more efficient.

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