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Want to recover password for HP printer? Here is the complete info for that

Sophia Williams771 29-Jul-2019

Hp printers are easily available everywhere and is widely used. It is in-demand due to its best services and many features such as varying sizes, configurations, designs, best printing quality and hassle-free performance.

Want to recover password for HP printer? Here is the complete info for that

Hp Printer Password Default

Although HP printers are used widely due to efficiency and have effective results but there are times when a user is facing issues with the Hp printer. There could be a situation where a user is unable to reset password on HP printer. It can be easily done by accessing the Control panel section. For any help, the technical support can also be contacted. The steps of printer password reset are mentioned below:

Initially, the user needs to open the home screen of HP printer.

Then, right arrow is pressed and Setup menu option is selected in the list.

It will enable the user to select the submenu of Network.

By scrolling down the page, restore network defaults option is selected.

After that, the password reset procedure is initiated by selecting Yes icon.

Further, defaults are restored.

Next, Devices and Printers option under Control panel is selected in order to reset printer password.

The user is required to locate the personal printer and then right click on that.

In the next step, Properties is clicked and then password icon is selected.

A box will be popped-up asking the user to enter a new password twice.

Finally the changes are saved.

By these steps, the user will be able to complete HP printer password recovery.

To know about the default password of HP printer, then info about the same could be checked here:

Usually, the login credentials of the HP printer are either admin or blank for both username field as well as password field. So, for printer, firstly these options should be used. If it will not work, there are other options too. Here is the list of feasible combinations that are generally used for HP printer login. The list of commonly used login credentials is mentioned below:










Any of these usernames and passwords combination can be used to login to the HP printer as these are the HP Printer Password Default.

In case, a user wants to reset the HP Printer Password Reset, it can be easily done as follows:

The first step is to click on the wireless option and then setup and network option is clicked.

Next, the user is required to click on the OK option to open the wizard of wireless printer.

After that, the user needs to select the name of the network and then Continue button is clicked.

Further, a window is prompted on the screen where the user is required to click on the OK button to enter the printer password.

Finally when the password is entered, again the OK option is selected and the successful message is displayed screen, hence resetting the password.

To get help regarding any issue or query, the user can simply contact the technical support of HP. The customer support department has technical experts who provide the best solutions for the issues faced by HP users. They can be contacted using phone, email, forum or live chat support. Any of these available methods can be chosen to directly interact with the support department. The contact details are easily available on the official website of HP.

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