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Are You Looking To Set Up A Blog For Your Volusion Store?

sameera sharma 709 29-Jul-2019

Adding a blog to your website is pretty easy but what about adding a blog to your Volusion store.
Well, if you’re not blogging then you are missing on the 50% more users that could come your way. And from that 80 %, users could be the leads for your website. You don’t want to be missing out on that, which is why it is always recommended to add a blog to your custom Volusion store. The search engines loves freshly brewed content and blogging can provide you exactly that. It is the most cost-effective way to get the desired traffic to your eCommerce business portal.
 Are You Looking To Set Up A Blog For Your Volusion Store?
More traffic to your blog means more leads from there and increase the sales in turn. While Volusion doesn’t allow you to add the WordPress blog but you can use the subdomain feature to your advantage.
Create a subdomain for your blog
The Volusion users opt for a subdomain and then add your blog to subdomain. If you are not able to create the subdomain on your Volusion store then you may need to contact the Volusion technical support to create it for you.
Add a blog to Volusion eCommerce store
Once you’ve created a blog, you need to create a link to your blog which you can do that by creating a new category from the dropdown menu.
Then you need to go to the category record which will be found by the advanced section and there you will find the field called alternative URL. You just need to add that subdomain there to link the Volusion with your WordPress blog.
You can also increase traffic with your blog, with WordPress you can easily do that. WordPress is a powerful platform which will help you get more traffic and increase sales. You need to find out what your viewers and readers want from your blog posts and provide them with that content. That is why it is necessary to create an engaging environment on your platform and the user will automatically tell you what they want. You need to write about the customers who are shopping on your website and what they are saying.
 Are You Looking To Set Up A Blog For Your Volusion Store?
You can also post a few comparison posts that rank very high on the search engines. And always try to feed information that is relevant and engaging to readers. Also, add content in your blog to fix the problems of the existing customers. You can easily achieve that with a blog as blogs are the essential tool driving this industry.
If you are looking for the development team of Volusion that can handle your blogging and other tasks as well. Then you need to shift your attention to one of the pioneers in the industry, MakkPress Technologies. They provide support for all types of development be it Shopify, BigCommerce, WooCommerce or Volusion. You can easily hire Shopify designer from them as they are best at it.

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