Top 4 Qualities You Should Consider for When Hiring a Waste Broker

Top 4 Qualities You Should Consider for When Hiring a Waste Broker

Owning a retail outlet or an eatery comes with a fair share of responsibilities. Apart from managing the finances, supervising the staff, and luring and retaining customers, such businesses are faced with the responsibility of ensuring sustainable waste disposal.  

With concerns being raised over the 3.4 billion tons of waste anticipated to be produced by 2050, businesses are looking for ways to cut down on the wastes released into the environment. One of the ways they are doing this is by engaging companies offering waste brokerage services. Apart from looking into the costs charged by your preferred waste brokerage firm, other top four qualities when hiring one include:

Relevant credentials

Do you know how and where your waste is disposed of? Hiring a waste broker who has the relevant credentials ensures that your waste is disposed of in an ethical, responsible, and regulation-compliant way. If any waste is found to disposed of illegally and traced back to your facility, claiming ignorance on how your waste broker works will not prevent you from incurring hefty fines.

Your waste broker should also provide you with documentation, proving that they are recycling your waste and disposing of what cannot be recycled in the correct way. They should also be licensed by the Environmental Protection Agency.


A waste broker takes the responsibility of handling the collection and disposal of your waste. Thus, a competent waste broker should make sure that all waste is collected in time. Check reviews from other clients to find out how reliable your potential waste broker is.

Additional services

Hiring a company that provides multiple waste management services, including waste consultancy, waste collection, disposal, recycling, and waste brokerage ultimately saves you time and money. Whether it is providing you with separate bins for different types of waste or ensuring your hazardous waste is disposed of correctly, choosing a company that offers multiple waste management services helps you focus on your business’s objective.

Customer service

How well do your potential waste brokers handle concerns or issues raised by their clients? Whether it is providing you with a quote within a reasonable time-frame, addressing queries professionally and swiftly, or leaving the customer site neat and tidy, excellent customer service is a key indicator of a professional waste broker.

When hiring a waste broker, you need a company that takes care of your waste disposal needs within the legal requirements, is reliable, and has excellent customer service at reasonable prices. Global Trash Solutions has over 10 years’ experience in waste brokerage services. Contact us by filling out or calling us at 866-572-7679 for an obligation-free consultation. We’d be delighted to answer all your queries regarding our waste brokerage services.

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