All About Re marketing & How Google Re marketing works?

You have heard a term Remarketing and want to know about it. In this article, you will be able to learn all aspects of remarketing.

Remarketing allows you to show ads to those people who've visited your website or used your mobile app. When a visitor leave your website without purchasing anything, for example, remarketing will help you reconnecting with them by showing relevant ads across their different devices.

This article introduces the benefits of re marketing and the types of Ad Words re marketing campaigns. 

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Whether you're looking to drive sales activity, increase registrations, or promote awareness of your brand, re marketing can be a strategic component of your advertising. It can generate return on investment (ROI) for all types of advertisers.

Access to people when they're most likely to buy: You have the option to reach people after they've interacted with your business. Obviously, they came their searching for your product, visiting other websites, and using other mobile apps. Ad Words remarketing provides timely touch points to drive your customers to your website and app when they're most engaged.

Lists is made as per your advertising goals: Customize your remarketing lists to achieve specific advertising goals. For example, you can create a "Shopping cart abandoners" list to show ads to the people who added something to their shopping cart but didn't complete a transaction.

Large-scale reach: You can reach a huge number of people as they browse over 2 million websites and mobile apps across their devices, on your remarketing lists.

Efficient pricing: You can create high-performance re marketing campaigns with automated bid strategies like target CPA and ROAS. Real-time bidding evaluates the optimal bid for the person viewing your ad, helping you win the ad auction with the best possible price. Google do not incur any extra cost to use Google's auction.

Easy ad creation: Produce multiple text, image, and video ads for free with Ad gallery. You can create dynamic ads which comes with your feed with Ad gallery layouts, scaling beautiful ads across your entire set of products or services, with the use of dynamic re marketing campaigns.

Insights into your campaign: You’ll have reports of how your campaigns are performing, where your ads are showing, and what price you're paying.

Target your customers when they want your services: Show ads to previous visitors who are actively looking for your business on Google Search. 

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Ways to remarketing with Google Ad Words

Standard re marketing: Show ads to your past visitors as they browse Display Network websites and use Display Network apps.

Dynamic re marketing: Boost your results with dynamic re marketing, which takes re marketing to the next level with ads that include products or services that people viewed on your website.

Re marketing for mobile apps: Show ads to people who have used your mobile app or mobile website as they use other mobile apps or browse other mobile websites.

Re marketing lists for search ads: Show ads to your past visitors as they do follow-up searches for what they need on Google, after leaving your website.

Video re marketing: Show ads to people who have interacted with your videos or YouTube channel as they use YouTube and browse Display Network videos, websites, and apps.

Email-list re marketing: With Customer Match, upload a list of email addresses that your customers have given you. When those people are signed in to Google Search, YouTube, or Gmail, you can show them ads.

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