Accelerated Mobile Pages

      Accelerated Mobile Pages

AMP is a way to build web pages for static content that render fast. AMP in action consists of three different parts: 

AMP HTML: AMP HTML is basically HTML extended with custom AMP properties 

AMP JS: The AMP JS library implements all of AMP's best performance practices, manages resource loading and gives you the custom tags to ensure a fast rendering of your page.

Google AMP Cache: The Google AMP Cache is a proxy-based content delivery network for delivering all valid AMP documents. It fetches AMP HTML pages, caches them, and improves page performance automatically.

In particular, AMP enables web pages to load “almost instantaneously.” 

Benefits of Accelerated Mobile Pages:

There are many benefits to optimizing with the AMP plugin. Let’s consider the top 5:

1)   Insanely fast -- Loading web pages that users love: Speed is the essential part of your mobile browser page. Great content is important, but, if you are not accessible, users won’t read them. This study discovered that a 1-second delay in mobile browser load time can lower conversion rate by 3.50%, reduce page-views by 9.40% and increase bounce rate by up to 8.30%.

That’s why it is necessary for you to make your mobile browser pages dementedly fast and AMP helps you to achieve that.

2) Increased mobile browser visibility for content marketers: Google has started displaying AMP results in organic listings. You can recognize these results by the AMP symbols, in green. The more attention-grabbing that your results are, the more clicks that you’ll get.

These green AMP symbols will definitely improve your click-through-rate, because these mobile search engine results stand out from the rest.

3) Improved mobile search engine rankings: There is a strong relationship between site speed and conversion rate. If users are happy with fast-loading site, they are more likely to subscribe to a list or purchase a product.

4) Flexible ad support: Most people started a website or blog in order to make money and to possibly replace their day job. But if you will see the desktop and mobile browser versions of a site’s pages then it is easy to conclude that there are so many distractions like header image, navigational menu, sidebar, social share buttons, forms, popups etc and these distraction can lower your conversion rate.

But, with AMP, you can get rid of these distractions on your mobile browser pages.

5) User tracking made simple: Sending traffic on your mobile browser pages is not enough, you also need to know that how they reach to your site and on this stage Tracking will help you to find out that from where people came, which pages they have visited and many more. Tracking users and site performance is quite easy on AMP, because there are an analytical tools in place, where you can study your AMP versions in greater detail. 

Optimize Your Pages for AMP

So now it’s your turn to optimize your mobile page for AMP and improve the speed of your mobile websites and if you are looking for someone who can do the same for you then we are always here to help you. 

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