Usage & Benefits of Using Google URL Shortener

1. Using a shortened URL in an email:

You may have noticed it many times that a lot of emails contain long links that are unwieldy and difficult to read. It is unable to understand where they will be directed or what they are aiming for.

an example of an ugly URL in an email:

These type of links are totally unnecessary to have, that are spread over two lines. It just looks bad. The aim of emails is to be short and communicate the message clearly. 

2. Using a shortened URL for offline marketing:

There are many good examples of using a shortened URL, one of them is in offline marketing. If you want to print distributable posters or if you want to publish a small in a newspaper advertisement, it’s a good idea to print a short URL in there. These URLs are easy to remember, take up less area and looks good. People like short URLs, those they do not have to type much to have an access. 

However, make sure that you directly use Google URL Shortener to shorten your affiliate links. The links that are double redirected, usually get flagged & you end up losing money. My suggestion for you is to set up your own URL shortener service using GoDaddy for affiliate links or use link cloaking plugins for making your ugly affiliate links look pretty. 

3. On social media:

This is an obvious use of shortened URLs.

It is a must to Use a shortened URL in your posts. When you use a URL with a small length, there is extra space for writing a detailed description of whatever service you’re marketing.

Also, the more attention of the users reading the post should be grabbed by the content but not the URL.

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4. Using the analytics on a Google URL:

You probably have to post numerous of posts every month, if you are a blogger. Your blog posts are also the main part of your business. If your posts don’t perform well, an effect in performance can also be seen on your blog too. 

Now, to check if your posts are doing well you may use Google Analytics, but it can be a cumbersome process in figuring how your content is doing. 

It would be as simple technique to check all the posts for a certain month and compare them based on the clicks received and the referrer link i.e. from where the traffic comes. This shows a report card about any blog’s performance in real time. When I don’t have to use Google Analytics, this is my technique to analyze if everything is going according to plan or not. 

There you have it!

So, these are the key - benefits of using the Google URL Shortener. 

If you know an interesting way to use the Google URL shortener, share it with us and we’ll add it to our article with a reference to you!

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