Main Benefits of Digital Marketing

Through digital marketing efforts, one can get more accurate results in real time, not like the other offline marketing tactics. When you use any offline medium like a newspaper ad, it is difficult to estimate that how many people see your ad. Also there is no surety that a sale made is converted through the newspaper ad only.

On the contrary, with digital marketing, you can calculate the ROI in almost every aspects of your marketing efforts.

There are many benefits of using Digital Marketing:
Website Traffic

You can always monitor in real time, the exact number of audience who have visited homepage of your website by using any digital analytics software like Google analytics. You can also have a look at how many pages they viewed, where they came from and which type of device they were using amongst any digital analytics data.

This monitoring helps you to formulate which marketing channels you have to give more or less time, based on the number of people through those channels are visiting to your website. For instance, if only 10 percent of your traffic is coming from natural search, you know that possibly you need to spend some time on SEO to increase the parameter.

While, using offline marketing, it’s very difficult to know how your audience is getting engaged with your product unless they have an interaction with a salesperson or make a purchase. But through digital marketing, you can analyze various trends and patterns in people’s mindset before they’ve reached to the final stage in the path to buy a product, which implies that you can decide more easily about how to attract your targeted audience to your website.

Content Quality and Lead Generation

Suppose that you’ve made a product manual and posted it through people’s letterboxes at their homes, that brochure is a form of content, though offline. The problem is that you have no info about how many people opened your manual or how many people threw it straight into the dustbin.

Now suppose that you had that manual placed on your website instead. You can measure exactly how many people viewed the page and the manual where it’s hosted, and you can collect the contact information of those who download it by using forms. Like this, you aren’t only able to measure how many people are driving to your content, but you’re also generating some profitable data when people download it.

Attribution Modeling

An effective digital marketing technique mixed with the right tools and technologies provides you to track all of your sales back to a customer’s first digital connection with your business. We call this attribution modeling, and it allows you to determine the patterns in the way people research and buy your product, helping you with more informed data and take decisions about what area of your marketing plan requires more attention, and what area of your sales cycle need improvement.

Matching between the marketing and sales strategy is very important, companies with strong sales and marketing alignment can achieve up to a 20% annual growth rate, compared to a 4% decline in revenue for companies with poor alignment. If you can give better experience to your customer's’ path of buying a product using digital technologies, then it will positively reflect on your business’s bottom line.

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