SAPUI5 is a client side MVC framework as a technology and a few more things. So, what you're essentially learning is a client side design pattern expressed in this case throughout SAP UI5.

SAP has made FIORI as the official design language of ALL SAP functionalities, all customers using SAP Solutions will have to resort to Fiori Style Apps for extending, customizing or implementing new features for the installations.

Since Fiori is implemented through SAPUI5, so all employers who are looking for this will hire workers skilled with SAPUI5.

SAPUI5 is SAP is a strategic UI technology. There are many UI technologies available such as Web Dynpro, BSP, etc that are fully supported, but SAPUI5 is the one step forward. As far as possible SAP will create all its applications in SAPUI5 (mostly Fiori).

SAP Fiori is the new UI paradigm which SAP is rolling out across the entire SAP portfolio including all on premise and cloud software. Fiori is based on SAPUI5. In case you would like to modify any of the Fiori apps or create your own, expertise in SAPUI5 is required.

SAP comprises of various tools that the users can use to enhance their user experience to create apps with rich user interfaces for Web business applications.

The most common tools to provide a wonderful experience are:

  •  NWBC and Side Panel
  •  Theme Designer
  •  FPM Screens
  •  SAP UI5 Development Tools

Web-based apps that you create using SAP UI5 provides more consistent user experience and can be accessed from devices such as tablets, smartphones, and laptop. Using the NetWeaver gateway with UI5, you can define a clear separation between the user interface and business logic.


SAP UI5 provides the following key features

  •     Extensibility concepts at the application and code level.
  •     For typical use cases, it has ability to create complex UI patterns and predesigned layouts.
  •   Supporting Model-View-Controller (MVC) and data binding methods.
  •   Keyboard interaction support and accessibility features.
  •   SAP UI5 is based on open standards like JavaScript, CSS, and HTML5.
  •   Theming support based on CSS.

Following are the advantages of using SAP UI in business −

·         Increase user adaption.

·         Less manual errors.

·         It helps in increasing productivity.

·         Reduce the cost of training.

·         Perfectly designed API and can be consumed easily.

·          High performance of SAP system

SAP UI5  Versions

The list of recent UI5 versions that have been introduced is given below.

 Each UI5 version provides new features and enhancements from the previous versions, platform support, usability enhancements, etc.

  •    SAP UI5 1.26
  •    SAP UI5 1.28
  •    SAP UI5 1.30
  •     SAP UI5 1.32
  •     SAP UI5 1.34
  •     SAP UI5 1.36
  •     SAP UI5 1.38

and many more like SAP UI5 1.6

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