Website Hosting Server May Have Effect on Google Ranking!!!

The next thing after planning and developing a website is to host it on the web. An issue that is to be considered is with whom you’re hosting with. Should you look at it from SEO perspectives or not? The issue of Web hosting is not only concerned with the price and features of the web hosting provider. Website owners who are far sighted consider other factors, such as search engine optimization. Does choosing a host provider make any difference in search engine rankings?

You will get your answers.

If you submit your site again and again to Google and you are still not able to get it ranked on the search page, the person responsible for it may be your host provider. It is strongly believed that increasing a website’s rank is dependent upon a unique IP address of the server. On the other hand, it doesn’t seem mandatory because in present scenario most of the websites are hosted on shared IPs. A single computer serve different domains and many servers run side by side from single IPs

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There are many factors that can cause your site to take a hit in rankings. If any domain that is sharing your server and IP is/was got penalized by Google for the reason of spamming then your website will also be expectedly penalized or fully banned. This will happen if your site is hosted through virtually shared IP hosting formula. 

Another situation may arise if your website is placed on a server that contain any illegal adult content, and that site is black listed by the Google, then your website will also likely to be banned. You should also take precautions and should never assume that your site will be blacklisted. Even if your site is dismissed from the rankings temporarily, you can possibly clear up the mistake by contacting Google. Still certain parameters should be made clear before hiring a web host.

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Also, Hosts should always be ‘up’ 24*7. For a proper website service it must be up cent percent of the time so that users do not see a blank page. Similarly, search engines do not have any particular timing for crawling, so it must be ‘on’ at all the time in order to make search engines happy and fetch results. If a Google-bot or spider encounters a 404 error, it will come again in the next crawl iteration, so to be on the safer side ensure 100% uptime of your site. 

All hosts must maintain the server, but they should notify for it, well in advance that for such and such time period the site will be down or under maintenance so that you can plan according to it. On the other hand, if your host doesn’t inform you and you browse your site to see a 404 error, then you must consider moving to another one. Google is believed to have a smaller crawl daily and a deep crawl once a month which implies that a Googlebot can cross-check your website anytime, so your website must be ready to receive this welcome guest.

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