Alexa, the subsidiary company of, Alexa recently going to increase Global Traffic Panel. This change will include several large new data points which will in turn increase accuracy of the traffic. A combination of data, several data points and more traffic matrix will result in more accurate rank ratings. And this accuracy in ratings will lead to better estimates, actionable recommendations and better traffic metrics.

Alexa update global traffic panel

Alexa Global Traffic Panel

Alexa was invented in the year 1996 and soon founded by in 1999. The company offers analytical insight of site traffic and ranking to websites across the global. The site traffic and ranking matrix estimates provided by Alexa are based on the global traffic panel. The panel gathers internet traffic data directly from the websites that have installed Alexa script on their website and certify their metrics. The traffic and ranking estimates displayed by Alexa reflect the total usage of these websites by millions of users using more than 25,000 different browser extensions all across the global. 

If we are optimizing your site for popular search engines like Google, yahoo, Bing, you are already headed down the right direction because traffic plays the primary role in improvement of Alexa ranking. Make sure you are using the Alexa toolbar. This important because, only visits from users who have the Alexa toolbar installed will be recorded. Nest, add an Alexa widget for your site. You will get credit for a visit each time a user clicks on the widget and you may also be introducing some of your regular visitors to Alexa.

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