Keywords cannibalization in search engine optimization (SEO)

Keyword cannibalization is something to take seriously as it can damage your website keywords rankings or traffic.                            

Keyword cannibalization happen, when you have multiple page with same keyword/keyword phrase, and there are similar pages present on your domain that is most effective for the same keyword/keyword phrase.Having a bunch of pages with the same keyword in the title, header tags.

Why keyword cannibalization is a problem?

The thing is that, Google won’t know which page is the most relevant for a specific query if all title pages wish to rank for the same term.                                            

 When Google will crawl your site and will see large number of different pages being “relevant” for the same keyword. Then, Google will have to face a problem to fetching those pages the one that seem to be the most relevant, valuable to the query.                           

Conversion rate: why wasting your time on different pages with the same keywords if one of these is converting better? You should focus your efforts on one of these pages instead of spending energy on lower-converting version targeting the same traffic.

Keywords cannibalization in search engine optimization (SEO)


How can you solve keyword cannibalization?

Use canonicals

If you have a problem with multiple pages with the same keywords/ phrase Instead of changing the same keyword on every page, you should implement canonicals tags. Then Google will be able to know which page is the most relevant for each of these users’ queries. With this solution, you also ensure to provide better experience and more relevant information’s to the user and you can increase search traffic.

We should Focus Page Specific Keyword

Focus on different sets of keywords for different content pages. Set unique key phrases for every website page, write tittle-relevant content page and use those keywords in the title tag, headings tags, body text and ALT text to images.

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