Social Media Optimization is play an important role in your internet search rankings or website traffic. It can help increase your position within the search rankings.

When you optimize social media for search environment, there are direct and indirect benefits. The direct benefit is simply lots of people finding your company profile and connecting with you and visiting your website. The indirect benefit is creating a few quality backlinks which is helpful for website traffic.

Here are some important tips on how to create your social media optimization efforts.

Integrate Social into your Website

Social sharing buttons should be included in your site. Include direct website links to your social media channels from your website and from your social profiles back to your website. You can also add social media sharing buttons to individual blog posts.Links on social media are often considered higher-quality links because social sites have a high web authority. Even if your Facebook page is brand new, it’s likely to rank well in the SERP’s because of Facebook’s overall high authority.

Consistency is Key to SMO            

Building your social profile seems like a simple task, but maintain engagement is not simple task. Search engines tend to favor social media profiles with complete information available. It also creates a more professional cohesive experience for others in your network, so all the contact information in your social profiles should be exactly the same as they are on your website.

Integrate SEO keywords and Social Media

If you want to maximize promote of your social media profiles, keywords play a very strong role.  If you can effectively use your keyword or phrase in your profile or page name, it will help it rank better in keyword searches on search engine and within the social network search itself.

Use Keywords in Your Posts

Keywords are important for your site, articles content, and ad campaigns, so it should come as no surprise that keywords play an important role with your social content, too. This also helps keep your content relevant to your target visitors.

Be Social on Social Media

Social signals are an important factor in SEO because search engines look at social signals and factor, how many people interact with your profile page, and if there are social sharing elements available to website user. Brands often forget that the purpose of these platforms is to build relationships.

Use Branded Cover Images.

The cover brand image is the first experience of a user. When they visits your profile page, and you want to give them a good impression. Use this platform to convey your brand messaging to your current and prospective users/customers. To ensure that your profile cover image is formatted and displayed correctly, and always use professional images.

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