FTR is a quality assurance activity performed by software engineers.It involves the analysis of final product (Software) by a group of technically skilled people following a specified and documented process.

The objective of FTR:- 

a. To uncover errors in function logic or implementation for any representation of software.FTR is an effective way.

b. FTR is done to verify that the software being reviewed meets its requirements.

c. It ensures that software is represented according to relevant standards.

d. It helps to achieve uniform software development and make projects more manageable.FTR’s include walk-through code inspections and other small group software assessments.

FTR include following stages.

1. Preparation.


3.Review reporting and recording.


Walk-through can be considered same an inspection without formal preparation. During the Walk-through meeting,the presentation or producer or developer introduces the material to  all the participants in order to make them familiar. Even when they walk-through  can help in finding potential bugs(error). They are used for knowledge sharing or communication purpose.

Members in Walk-through:-

1.Representative of software.

2.Client representative.

3.Senior technical staff.

4.Representative of SQA group.

Two methods in Walk-through are:-

a.Participant driven

b. Document driven

Code inspection:-

 Code inspection is a type of review, which is more in details than the Walk-through. It includes the team, which are follows:-

1. Moderator

2. Designer

3. Implementor

4. Tester

It also included five stages:-

a.    Overview:- In this phase all the important documents such as SRS,Design,Documents,code,plans are reviewed.

b.    Preparation:-In this phase, we understand the documents in detail.

c.    Inspection:- In this phase, we Walk-through the document and ensured that each item is converted and finally the team leader produces a report.

d.    Rework:- Resolve all faults and problems.

e.    Followup:- Moderator must insure that every issue has been resolved in a systematic way.

If there are a large number of faults then the code inspection team suggests redesigning.   

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