SEI-CMM Model(Software engineering Institute- capability Maturity Model):- CMM model is given by the software engineering institute. SEI-CMM model help the organization improve the quality of this software. CMM is not a software life cycle model. It is a strategy for improving the software process irrespective of the actual life cycle model is used.

a.CMM is used to judge the maturity of the software process of the organization and identify the key practices that are required to increase the maturity of these processes.

b.CMM is  a reference model for introducing the software process maturity into different levels.

It is used to predict the most likely outcomes to which expected from the next project that organization undertakes.

1.Level 1: Initial:- A software development organization at this level is characterized by adhoc activities. Very few are no processes are defined and followed.If formal procedures for project control exist also them, there is no organizational mechanism to ensure that they are used constantly. Therefore, in this level the software process is unpredictable.

2.Level 2: Repeatable:- At this level the basic project management practices such as tracking,cost and schedule are established. The software process capability of level 2 organizations can be summarized as “discipline”. Because planning and tracking of software project are stable and earlier success can be repeated.

3. Level 3: Defined:- At this level the process for both management and development activities are defined and documented.

4.Level 4: Managed:- At this level the focus is on software metrics.The software process capability at this level can be summarized as “Predictable”, because the process is measured and operates within measurable limits.

5.Level 5: Optimized:- At this level an organization is committed to continuous process improvement. The organization has the means to identify weakness and strengths of the process with the goal of preventing the occurrence of the defect. It can be characterized or summarized as continuously improving process because level 5 organizations are continuously strong to improve the range of these process capabilities.
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