As we prepare, trends for 2017, that is the time look towards the future of SEO. Here are the top SEO trends that are dominating in 2017.

Search engine algorithm learning may present new opportunities

We know that how google search engine used RankBrain to combine webpage indexing and machine learning. This giving a lot of SEO opportunities. Users search your query using keywords right? then if your webpage has implement keyword in url, tittle and content section and relevant content related to that keyword and the search, then the chances of  page showing up in the search engine result page is very  high.

SEO Trends will dominate the online environment in 2017

Schema to improving searching traffic

Schema markup role is very important in increasing searching traffic as it helps convey the purpose of a website to a search engine. It plays a role in improving click-through rate and website traffic.

Add Schema to your answers - Schema Markup can help your webpage to rank in SERP’s.

SEO Trends will dominate the online environment in 2017

In 2017 trends will focus more on optimizing their digital content and website . How we can make our SEO Strategy?

Analysis - Now analyze what’s working or not and analysis search term to make a strong appearance on search engine. What keyowrds users searching?

Optimize - Optimize your website and content according to the search engine.


Google already announced that they will appreciate it if websites have an implement ‘https’ beside the domain names. They believe https assures people that the website is safe. And it’s universal true. Google will give HTTPS websites a pat on the back, which translates to ‘They will dominate search engine rankings compared to sites without HTTPS’. 

Voice search has been getting a lot of attention

This year 2017, we saw a lot of promotion for voice searches. Personal assistants like Apple’s Siri and Microsoft’s Cortana have undergone a lot of improvements, and are now more human like. Google’s voice search isn’t far behind either. In fact, Google Voice Search now efficiently takes relevant snippets into account to answer users’ questions.


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