Know your reader and know what you want to say

A writer who doesn’t consider the reader is unlikely to succeed in its objectives. Successful writers focus on the needs of its readers. Ensure you get your message across your readers. Make sure you are clear about what action you want your readers to take once they’ve read the document. You need to put your important messages at the start. 


There are specific ways in writing style to highlight what you’re saying rather than how you say it.

The central readability principles are:

·    be direct

Be direct by addressing your readers as ‘you’ and referring to yourself, the writer, as ‘we’ or ‘I’ wherever possible. This will make your writing easier to understand sound more confident, more transparent and more personal.

·   use the active voice

Using the active voice often will make your sense clear and more specific.

·   keep it short and simple

Keep abbreviations to a minimum when you are writing for external or non-expert readers.

·     stick to one sentence, one idea

Keep your sentences short and stick to one idea per sentence and one main point per paragraph so that it will be easier to understand what you’re saying.

·    proof it

Create some distance between writing and proofing it will help you read as a reader, not as the writer. 

Successful content writers are original!

Always choose simple words to use rather than phrasal verbs. Writing quality content is very important to boost SEO rankings and increase traffic to your blog or website. Original content goes a long way with Google and reward high-quality original content and penalize websites that contain duplicate content. Your ideas should be original. 

Use subheads that summarize the content 

Use subhead that breaks up the text and makes interest and invites readers. Think carefully about subheads because these give readers an immediate overview and make reading easy. Make sure the subheads actually say something or summaries about the content. Creating strong headlines is very important as 80% of people read only headlines and only 20% will read your content. 

Be able to provide answers 

The great content gives the readers a sense of how to apply the information. When you write a blog you have to give your readers some tips on applying what you are offering them. The ultimate goal of people to use a search engine is to get answer likewise people reading your blog want an answer, gain knowledge. 

Be Accurate in Your Reporting and Sourcing of Information

Any statistic and source you state in your content should be verified. Accuracy builds trust with readers. When you add links to other sources in your content the search engines figure out what your content is all about, and how it should be categorized. 

Engaging and Thought Provoking Content

Engaging your audience with your content is not an easy task. It all starts with you and what you write. Create a sense of curiosity in your content and make engaging content by using pictures or videos that add value and help in illustrating your point. Moreover, build your audience by meeting publishers and industry experts because successful content writers are public and friendly.

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