SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. SEO is the most cost-effective ways to drive the visitors to one’s website. The process starts with finding the profitable keywords for the business followed by optimizing the content around those keywords and finally one have to build authority on the content with the help of back links.

Ex: If one wants to buy a handbag online, which can be considered as specific problem, to which one wants to have a specific solution. If your website is providing that solution, then you can have very targeted set of visitors on your website, provided that the webpage of your website providing that solution appears on the google search page. It will be great if the webpage appears on the first page of the google search, which depends upon various factors.

SEO: One of the most cost effective marketing strategies

This process is Inbound in nature wherein the customers are themselves visiting your website depending whether your webpage appears on being searched. As compared to the other marketing techniques like cold-calling, cold-emailing and marketing through social media where one is pushing the content through the customers, though the chances of getting them converted is less as compared to when the visitors themselves visit the website.

It is automated. If you manage to get to the top of the search results then you can stay there for weeks, months or years and you will get the visitors coming to your website 24/7, 365 days a year without any additional work.

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