According to a survey, 31% of mobile consumers utilize an app just only once after downloading it from the app store. This figure denotes that there is an immediate requirement to amend the quality and the functionalities offered by the app. If the app is being used only just once, then the app betokens that it is not engendering or integrating any kind of value to the consumer. Lots of factors are influencing apps to fail and to be considered as deplorable.

App Failure-Role of Technical details

Most of the time Mobile app developers and vendors fail inefficaciously communicating the technical details of the app to the end users and consumers, the result of which is a substantial damage to the prosperity of an app. High end games can be properly and efficiently played only on high end mobile devices, but sometimes due to the lack of technical details, users would download and endeavour to play the game on non-congruous mobile device configurations. This will arise a incompatibility issues which would cause the phone to either freeze or crash or respond very gradually. This would result in deplorable reviews from the consumers and damage is done to the reputation of the app.

Suggested solutions:

 All the prerequisites about the installation of an app should be provided in the details of the mobile app which would avail users to choose and download the apps that are suitable and compatible with their devices. Such information would minimize lamentable performances and helps in preventing negative reviews.

App failure-Role of Marketing

With lots of vendors and developers building new apps each day, it is becoming extremely difficult to acquire/attract, retain and monetize customers and to develop brand equity and loyalty. Developers and apps are very similar to brands that need to be marketed for better results. App marketing plays a vital role in the success as well as the failure of a mobile app. Marketing and social efforts are needed to keep users engaged after the app is downloaded to their device.

Insufficient marketing efforts and marketing strategies will lead to decline in return on investments and hence will result in disappointments and frustrations. 68% of developers are frustrated with the current state of app marketing.

Tight Budget: Budget is also one of the major issues that app vendors or developers are concerned. To reach larger number of audiences, developers need to work with some advertising agency providers to promote their apps. However, working with ad agencies requires an investment which is sometimes huge. This concern leads to frustration at times.

Suggested Solution:

Ad network provider’s ad agencies should come with strategies that would minimize the marketing the costs while maximizing the revenues/ROI (return on investments) so that developers can relax on the distribution aspects and concentrate more on developing superior apps

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